When was the last time you checked your health score? Was it last week, last month, or years ago? Your health score says a lot about your mental and physical well-being. It can even help you detect diseases before it’s too late. This scoring system measures your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, heart rate, and body mass. Once you know these numbers, you can take the steps needed to lower your risk of future health problems.

Check My Health Score

Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why you should check your health score:

Assess Your Overall Health

HylthLink Health Score

This scoring system is provided by several health companies via mobile apps and online tools. The criteria used for assessing overall health may vary from one app to another. However, all these programs have one thing in common: to evaluate your overall health and wellness.

Your health score depends on several factors, such as your age, weight, body dimensions, blood pressure, activity level, daily steps, and nutrition. Some scoring systems will also request information about your lifestyle habits, sleep patterns, and stress levels. Once you enter this data, you’ll be assigned a number that shows how healthy you are.

Develop Healthy Lifestyle Habits

HylthLink Virtual Health Score

These apps can assess your risk for developing certain conditions, such as hypertension or obesity. Based on your health score, you can make better decisions and change your lifestyle habits. This can be a powerful motivator to stay healthy, eat clean, and exercise more.

Find Your Inner Drive

HylthLink Virtual Health

If your health score is far from perfect, you can improve it through diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Simple things, such as cutting down on sugar and jogging every morning, can have a huge impact on your health. If you lack the motivation needed to make these changes, check your health score.

Identify Your Problem Areas

Health Score Virtual Health HylthLink

These apps can help you figure out what aspects of your health could be improved. Maybe you have a normal body weight, but suffer from high cholesterol. Or perhaps you look and feel healthy, but your stress levels are elevated. Checking your health score can help you identify these problems before they get worse.

Check My Health Score



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