The 5 signs that you may be in a toxic relationship

The 5 signs that you may be in a toxic relationship

What makes a relationship toxic?

Even if it is subconscious, whether it is intentional or not, people often have a reason for their behavior when they consistently harm or undermine a partner. Maybe they didn’t have the most loving and supportive upbringing. Maybe they were in a toxic relationship either as a child or romantically. They might have been bullied in school or they might be suffering from a mental disorder such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, bipolar disease, or unresolved trauma.

The term toxic relationship is not necessarily associated with only romantic relationships. A toxic relationship can be rather with any close friend, coworker, or even a family member. After spending time with someone you shouldn’t be feeling exhausted, drained, or spun around.

Carolyn Gamble is a motivational speaker based in Maryland. She says that she had a tumultuous childhood. Her mother was lost to a drug overdose, and Carolyn suffered abuse at her father’s hands. When Carolyn entered adult life she found similar themes in her marriage as her husband used to emotionally and verbally abuse her. She then decided to file for divorce after she realized that we have to let go of toxic people in our life no matter the nature of the relationship.

What are the warning signs of a toxic relationship?

The most serious indicators of any toxic relationship include any form of abuse, harassment, or violence. These must be dealt with immediately. However, in most cases, a toxic relationship is indicated with many subtle things.

1. Persistent Unhappiness

The first and simplest indicator of a toxic relationship is persistent unhappiness. If a relationship makes you continuously feel sad and stops bringing you joy then it is a toxic relationship. If a certain person makes you feel angry, sad, and anxious all the time then its time to let him/her go.

2. Negative changes in You

If you observe that being in a relationship is negatively impacting your personality, self-esteem, and mental health then its time to move on. If you feel constantly uncomfortable and nervous, especially around a certain person then it is a toxic relationship.

3. Negative changes in Your Other Relationships

If you feel like that you have to spend all of your time attending to a certain person then it is a toxic relationship. If this person doesn’t allow you to spend quality time with your friends and family then this is a toxic relationship.

4. Ceaseless Control Issues

If you feel like that you are in a constant tug of war and if everything in your life is suffering from control dynamics then it is time to let the person go. Such a relationship is very toxic and its time to move on.

5. Lowers your High Standards

If a person makes you accept things which don’t meet your standards or if you start compromising on your morals then this relationship is a toxic one. This person is slowly damaging your self-esteem and trying to corrupt you. So, the best thing you can do for yourself is to let him/her go and move on.

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