In this video Brad Smith owner of explains how you can easily start getting more website traffic.

As a business owner you are often looking for more ways to increase your customer base and traffic. If you optimize your website you’ll start seeing that website traffic is just as important as foot traffic to your business. More traffic to your website will not only help build your brand but will also increase your revenue. In today’s post we’re going to look at 5 simple ways to boost your website traffic for free.

1. It’s not enough to produce great content and hope that people find it – you have to be proactive. One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use social media to send traffic back to your websiteFacebook is a great way to give a ton of value to your friends and then direct them back to your website if they’d like even more information. LinkedIn is another good way to focus on other business owners that might be interested in your products and business. Twitter is a great way to share a short catchy headline and then post your link to send anyone interested back to your website.

HylthLink 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

As an example in this article we will be sharing the link on Twitter to help our followers with their website, we will share this with website owners on LinkedIn and will post the video above on Facebook encouraging our friends to read this article.

2. It’s time to start connecting on groups around the web. When you join a social media group there will be rules you’ll need to abide by, so don’t start posting ads about your business all over the internet groups. Start off by introducing yourself to the group, answer questions and be helpful when questions are posted. Once group members start seeing your answers and quality responses they will start trusting you. When the time is right and you provide value to a question or comment, you can then share your link if you think it will bring them even more value.

HylthLink 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

Another example, we have been members of LinkedIn and Facebook groups for years. Since we have already built trust and our brand is known to help others, we will be able to post a headline “Can this help anyone in the group?” and then share the video and link back to our website.

3. If you haven’t noticed, video is becoming a vital part in growing your online website. We use video to build relationships with online visitors and become a trustworthy brand. When creating videos we focus on building value and teaching others so they can better their business. Start a YouTube channel and start making short videos that will bring your customers value. Build amazing online relationships by simply doing what you’re already doing, teach your customers and give value.

HylthLink 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

We post a video with every blog because we know not everyone here will have the time to read this entire article. By giving you options we can continue building a relationship with our viewers and continue bringing you back to our website.

4. E-mail your links and posts to your e-mail list. You have had a subscribe now button on your website since it’s been published, it’s now time to start using it. A lot of business owners think that e-mail lists are for sending coupons and deals to their subscribers. If this is how you’re using your e-mail list then expect to get low open rates and unsubscribes. Use your e-mail list to continue building your brand and website, give them some details about where your link will be sending them. Don’t try and hide the link, make sure they can see the URL they will be clicking on so they don’t think it’s spam. After they click on your link and you provide value, you can then have a link for a product at the bottom of the page.

HylthLink 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

In our e-mails we tell you exactly what our blog is about, how it can help you, the URL you’ll be going to and then we will thank you in advance for leaving a comment!

5. Your friends and family are your biggest followers in life and in business. Starting using them to your advantage and ask them to read and share your content. Make sure that your content applies to them in someway and then simply ask them to check it out. Since your friends and family are your biggest fans they are more likely to spend time and share your content to more people.

HylthLink 5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Website Traffic

If this video and post brought you and your business any value please leave us a comment below and simply click the share button. Our goal is to continue helping your online website grow with our helpful tips!

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