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HylthLink | Connecting Trusted Businesses is an online search tool where you can easily list your business. Once your business is listed on HylthLink, potential qualified customers will easily be able to find you and your business. We will also use our conversion tool at the bottom of the website to direct users to the most qualified fit for their needs.

Not only will you be attracting more exposure to your business but you’ll also start receiving backlinks back to your website. Google says backlinks sent to your website from a trusted referral site (like ours) will boost your authority on search engines more than any other marketing strategy.

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HomePage HylthLink ImageAt HylthLink our mission is to connect with the most trusted business and help you grow your online presence. We have many ways to connect and become part of our community. Below are just some of the links to reference if you’d like to get started with us.

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HylthLink | Connecting Health InterviewWe are looking for trusted business owners who have founded and created successful businesses. Every month we interview and feature the most trusted and qualified businesses throughout the world.

Are you an Owner and Industry leader? We want to show the world how great your business is. Whether your business is a brick and mortar, online or both we want to feature you and your business.

We will set-up an 10-15 minute interview for our podcast and blog. This is a great way to tell your story, show how your business benefits customers and direct potential leads where they can sign-up. Don’t be nervous, just schedule your interview and our owner Brad Smith will treat it like a normal conversation.

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