This interview is with Alan Ritter owner of Produce Clubs Americas.

Brad Smith owner of HylthLink interviews a top health professional Alan Ritter owner of Produce Clubs Americas. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or would like to reach out to Alan to learn more about his health business Produce Clubs Americas.

The Story:

You can buy produce for less! Ask me. Read the posts. Get me a wish list and a deposit. And read the posts. If you want to work on this project please tell me. If you live in a different city and want help getting to this resource where you are: Ask me! This is Yours as much as it is Mine.

About Produce Clubs Americas:

Produce Club is about information. What is food? Where to buy it? And many more things. It is about Life.

How to get started: FAST!!!
The Produce Club receives produce on Tuesday afternoon. We are open from ~ 6:00 – 7:30 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday for anyone who wants to stop by and shop and talk about how the Club works and how to do (1) shares and (2) ordering on our google forms sheets.
Please tell us you are coming!! by email at Or call 856-362-4VEG 24/7 or 215-300-7189 during normal business hours.
Alan Ritter is available ALWAYS to answer questions: please email him at to make an appointment to talk by phone or in person.
Please read this post to get familiar with how this whole thing works. If you have any questions afterwards, please feel free to ask them here.

Here is a link to our Google documents folder.

In this folder you will find the Project Overview document which will tell you the following:
  • What is offered?
  • What is a first?
  • What is a second?
  • How do I order?
  • How do I pay? –> If you’re paying online, here’s a quick link for your convenience: Paypal (please make sure to pay using the Friends and Family option)
  • The Produce Club also uses Venmo. ( email Alan [ ] for more info. ).
  • Where’s my balance?

In that folder you also have other supporting documents:

  • The FIRSTS order form document
  • Case price comparison between wholesale firsts and grocery store prices (for your information. feel free to add grocery store prices you are aware of)
  • Seconds price tracking (to help you get an idea of how much seconds food costs in the club)
  • A pamphlet that you can print out if you need a supporting document when talking to your neighbors in trying to set up a hub closer to your house
  • and a document to record everyone’s balances (this should obviously only ever be edited by Alan. If there is a discrepancy, please talk to alan to clear it up.)
Here is a quick link to the FIRSTS ordering form Please remember to have a balance to cover your purchases.

Pickup locations to-date are:

New Jersey locations:

  • Alan’s Apartment in West Collingswood (near Cattell and Magill) Tuesday 1pm, and 6pm. (and by appt.)(Always RSVP)
  • Sweet Freedom Bakery in Collingswood TBA.
  • Common Grounds in Oaklyn (westside) Tuesday after 1:30pm by arrangement.
  • Member’s house in Oaklyn (eastside) (near Oaklawn Ave and East Haddon Ave) TBA (most likely after 2:00pm, porch pickup)

Pennsylvania locations:

  • West Philly pickup locations change every 3 weeks. Contact Melanie Bartlett for more information.
  • Abington PA (Near Penn State’s Campus) after 1:30pm or 2:30pm by arrangement.


The Produce Club can always use: Clean Grocery Bags Freezer Packs Kitchen Scale
Other needs that aren’t necessarily cheap/free, but hey, if you never ask: Freestanding portable air conditioner (with hose exhaust) to build a makeshift refrigerator Refrigerated truck? Old ice cream truck to transform into a produce stand?

Do you need recipes for all the produce?

We have you covered. Here is the link to a Table of Contents / Index for all of the posts where you can discuss your favorite recipes.
Produce Clubs Americas Facebook Page:
The Produce Club – Philadelphia Pennsylvania Facebook Page:
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