Brad Smith owner of HylthLink speaks about why you should make sure your automation and process is perfected before speaking with new clients. It’s our goal to help you grow your Health, Nutrition and Fitness business.

  1. Offer; before even setting up a marketing program you should make sure you have your automation and offers set up and in place. This is to ensure that any new potential client or customer that comes your way will convert and pay you at some point. You should have your automation set up so you can present an offer, capture contact information, give what you offered and then sell them on your program or service.
  2. New Referrals; once you enter someone into your automation they will become a new referral. With referrals you can have them pay you for your service, offer them programs online, sell to them later on and even have them refer their friends and family.
  3. Convert; once a new customer enters your automation it is much easier to convert them to a new customer. You can send them deals and coupons, tell them about new services you are offering and even up-sell the client on other services or affiliate programs you offer.
  4. Referral Programs; referral programs are a great way to have your current customers who already like and know about you refer their friends. Now that you have them in your automation you can make it much easier for them to share links, send texts and tell their friends or family about you without hassle.
  5. Generate Testimonials; we all know testimonials are the best compliment. If you can make it easy for your clients to give you testimonials it will help boost your online presence. Easily send websites and links to your customer through automation asking them to give you a quick review.

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