#1 How to film a promo video with your phone or GoPro

#2 How to use natural lights and mirrors in your facility

#3 How to get client reviews on camera without being nervous


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Testimonial from Ciara Delgado:

Jim Smith Titan Trainers“Hi my name is Jim Smith owner at Titan Trainers. HylthLink helped me produce my promo video for my business just by simply using a GoPro! It came out top notch and I was very impressed with the video quality and the way it was so simply done. It beat the cost of hiring a videographer that cost a arm and a leg with the same quality of film in my own opinion. Thank you so much to HylthLink, look forward to working with you all in the future”.

Brian Peters Ultimate Defense Krav Maga“My name is Brian Peters owner of¬†Ultimate Defense Krav Maga. I wanted to thank HylthLink for helping me produce a promo video of my business. I was able to film and produce my video with just my phone! HylthLink helped me edit the video so it ended up looking like a professional promo video”.

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