In this video Brad Smith interviews Dr. Jacob Hansen a top rated business owner of Restoration Chiropractic.

Watch as Dr. Jacob tells Brad about his Chiropractic office, how they are helping people in the Castle Rock Colorado area and what to expect when you reach out to his business Restoration Chiropractic. Dr. Jacob Hansen is our top rated referred Chiropractor in the Castle Rock, CO area and we encourage you to reach out to him if you need any help with your overall health.


Restoration Chiropractic in Castle Rock Colorado is helping patients restore the natural movement of their body giving them more flexibility, helping them achieve a pain free life. Dr. Hansen who is highly educated trained professional finds his passion in restoring quality of life to his many patients. View Restoration Chiropractic website for all services offered.

Dr. Jacob Hansen:

Dr. Jacob Hansen D.C. graduated from Parker University in Dallas, Texas with his Doctorate in Chiropractic and a Bachelor Degree in Health and Wellness. After finishing his academic and clinical requirements, Dr. Hansen was prestigiously selected to treat our country’s Veterans at the Dallas VA medical center as an intern. Dr. Hansen has since taken a personal and passionate interest in working with our Nation’s Veterans and their families.
While serving as the President of the Student Texas Chiropractic Association (STCA), Dr. Hansen was honored to meet with congressmen, senators and local government officials in an effort to expand the reach of Chiropractic, health, and wellness to people across the nation.

He has also participated in several pre and post doctoral studies in pediatrics, prenatal care, and women’s health.

Dr. Hansen has treated patients from all walks of life, including extreme athletes in the NBA, NFL and the Olympics, to babies just hours old. His true passion lies in treating children and families.


A highlight of Dr. Hansen’s life was serving a voluntary 2 year mission, for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints In Torreón, México. It was here that he developed a deep love and compassion for the Mexican people and their diverse culture. Dr. Hansen speaks fluent Spanish and also loves a good burrito from time to time.

Although he has a great deal to be proud of, Dr. Hansen says that his greatest accomplishment in life was the day he became a husband to the girl of his dreams. His next greatest adventures came with the births of each of his three energetic and enthusiastic boys.

Dr. Hansen relates the following personal experience about being a chiropractor:
“I grew up in a family that was always active and on the go. We loved hiking, camping, biking, water and snow activities. I also participated in high school and college sports.  I was blessed to receive a full ride track scholarship right after high school.

I continued this active lifestyle during my church mission where I walked almost everywhere, and consistently stayed active well into marriage and having children.

Then in 2012, after finding out that my wife was pregnant with our third son, tragedy struck.  I suffered a traumatic brain injury and was completely helpless for many months. I was left permanently deaf in my left ear along with many other major health issues. The pain at times, unbearable. In the beginning, even simple tasks had to be relearned and remembered. 

It is a slow, ongoing and difficult process. I now feel an extreme compassion for people experiencing pain, who have lost their health and hope, because I know what it feels like.  I know the depth of suffering it can cause within oneself and among family members, and I don’t want anyone to experience that if they don’t have to.

My office is committed to do everything we can to restore your health, to restore your hope and restore your life through chiropractic care. This is my calling in life; I believe I was born to do this.”


Doctorate in Chiropractic 

Bachelor Degree in Health and Wellness, 

Parker University

Dallas V.A. Medical Center Hospital Rotation 

President of the STCA, Dallas, TX 2007-2010

Hispanic Business Group, Chairman 2011


Fluent in Spanish (Se habla Español)

Crazy socks aficionado

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