Watch this great interview with Dr. Jared Leon owner of Leon Chiropractic in Stony Brook, NY 11790.

Brad Smith owner of HylthLink interviews a top health professional Dr. Jared Leon. We are committed to finding and connecting with the most trusted health and fitness businesses worldwide!

Dr. Jared is the owner of Leon Chiropractic:

Dr. Leon maintains a family healthcare practice focused on rooting out the cause of health problems, not just treating the symptoms of an illness. He strives to restore the body to peak performance, thereby minimizing the chance of illness.


Dr. Jared Leon has embraced his work with a passion rarely seen in the healthcare community. Rather than focusing on a patient’s particular symptoms, Dr. Leon concentrates upon the innate wellness harbored within the human body, thus allowing the body’s natural and powerful forces to overcome afflictions.

He performs his work not with invasive procedures but with gentle external corrections of one’s own architecture to restore neural pathways from interference. Since it is ultimately these pathways that govern our health and well-being, he reinforces and facilitates the neurological system’s natural ability to maintain a body’s health.

Dr. Leon firmly believes it is the duty of a healthcare professional to maintain wellness, not just to attend to symptoms. Dr. Leon maintains a family healthcare practice focused on rooting out the cause of health problems, not just treating the symptoms of an illness. He strives to restore the body to peak performance, thereby minimizing the chance of illness and its debilitating results.

From the pediatric to geriatric patient, Dr. Leon tailors his care to that patient’s particular requirements, combining regular chiropractic care with proper nutrition, appropriate exercise, rest, vitamin supplementation (if necessary) and a positive attitude into an optimal physical and mental well-being.

Dr. Jared Leon earned a Bachelor of Science at the University of Rhode Island, where he became fascinated by the complexities of human physiology. He continued his course of study at Life Chiropractic College, pursuing a specialty as a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner. He has taken this study further still, focusing on active individuals interested in non-invasive solutions to injuries and difficulties related to their particular lifestyles.

For over 10 years, Dr. Leon has been an expert in pediatrics, certified by the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association. This rigorous post-graduate study involves specialized techniques of spinal adjustments and protocols of care for children and pregnant women. In addition, he has been certified in the Webster technique, a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that reduces interference to the nervous system, balances pelvic muscles and ligaments which in turn reduces constraint to the women’s uterus and allows the baby to get into the best possible position for birth.

As of 2016, Dr. Leon is continuing his studies with the Carrick Institute. On completion of this two year post-graduate program, Dr. Leon will be a board certified Chiropractic Functional Neurologist with intention of earning additional pediatric specialty through the Carrick Institute.

Leon Chiropractic strives to provide optimal health and peak performance by emancipating one’s own healing potential.

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1 00:00:01:00 00:00:05:00 Hey there everyone Brad Smith here with HylthLink and today I’m
2 00:00:05:00 00:00:09:00 joined with Jared Leon owner of LeonChiropractic how are you today Jared I’m
3 00:00:09:00 00:00:12:00 doing great thank you for having metoday hey thank you so much for joining
4 00:00:12:00 00:00:16:00 me on excited to get to know you andyour business and so if you could just
5 00:00:16:00 00:00:20:00 tell the audience real quick who you areand what your business is all about door
6 00:00:20:00 00:00:25:00 I’m a chiropractor I’m a family run arun a family run practice for 15 years
7 00:00:25:00 00:00:29:00 now in Stony Brook Long Island that’sin New York I have a specific niche
8 00:00:29:00 00:00:33:00 within the practice beyond wellness is awellness specialist I function in a
9 00:00:33:00 00:00:38:00 really studying functional neurologyfunctional chiropractic and really hone
10 00:00:38:00 00:00:42:00 in on pediatric and athletes within thepopulation so that’s really my style
11 00:00:42:00 00:00:46:00 it’s all about families and providingthe highest level care so you can say
12 00:00:46:00 00:00:50:00 well the rest dear life Wow so you offermore than just one thing you have plenty
13 00:00:50:00 00:00:54:00 of services going on and before the showwe spoke about that also you know tell
14 00:00:54:00 00:00:59:00 me about how you got started in theindustry you know you’ve probably led up
15 00:00:59:00 00:01:03:00 to being able to offer all these otherservices the funny truth is that
16 00:01:03:00 00:01:07:00 chiropractic found me man I was on myway to med school since I was a little
17 00:01:07:00 00:01:11:00 kid I want to be a surgeon didn’t evenunderstand what chiropractic truly was I
18 00:01:11:00 00:01:15:00 got deferred from the medical school Iwas looking for I applied to all these
19 00:01:15:00 00:01:20:00 different chiropractic schools just toboost my GPA I got in started within
20 00:01:20:00 00:01:25:00 four days I was club I never looked backinto medicine so that’s the true funny
21 00:01:25:00 00:01:31:00 story so it found me so when you gothrough school you go out you get into
22 00:01:31:00 00:01:35:00 practice you start working you know howdo you get integrated and adding all
23 00:01:35:00 00:01:39:00 these other services and wellnessopportunities for your business great
24 00:01:39:00 00:01:44:00 question great question so I started offright away on my own so doing that when
25 00:01:44:00 00:01:47:00 you’re on your own and your own practiceI was 27 as a doctor scared out of my
26 00:01:47:00 00:01:51:00 mind going what do I doand since my vision was all about
27 00:01:51:00 00:01:56:00 medicine seriously my whole life I grewup in a medical like family the reality
28 00:01:56:00 00:02:01:00 was all I wanted to do was learn as muchas I can and help people so I tried to
29 00:02:01:00 00:02:04:00 study more than others in chiropracticschool to learn more because I
30 00:02:04:00 00:02:07:00 questioned the why about everythingright so that was number one number two
31 00:02:07:00 00:02:11:00 with everything I came my way inpractice I realized when a patient came
32 00:02:11:00 00:02:15:00 my way I didn’t know how to help themI studied and created new ways
33 00:02:15:00 00:02:20:00 ingenious to some extent the other wayjust pure luck you know and really tried
34 00:02:20:00 00:02:25:00 my best to help everyone after 15 yearsI’ve done 300 seminars at a school so I
35 00:02:25:00 00:02:30:00 got a good grasp on pretty much as muchas I can still learning and I know I
36 00:02:30:00 00:02:34:00 think I thought we all get started inthe industry to help other people and so
37 00:02:34:00 00:02:37:00 I’m sure you were focused on one thingand then you started figuring out you
38 00:02:37:00 00:02:42:00 have to add extra you know services andextra things to your knowledge to see
39 00:02:42:00 00:02:46:00 you can help people even more than 100%the biggest way I got into Pediatrics me
40 00:02:46:00 00:02:49:00 and my wife decided to have the childour first child I’m like I really don’t
41 00:02:49:00 00:02:53:00 have to take care to be a pregnancy so Iliterally went back to school for the
42 00:02:53:00 00:02:57:00 year and I literally finished a littleearly and got my pediatric certification
43 00:02:57:00 00:03:03:00 really at a necessity you know and thenI created a kid room in the practice
44 00:03:03:00 00:03:07:00 just saying you know let me see if I cansee kids and that’s became my primary
45 00:03:07:00 00:03:10:00 focus for many years because they’veworked with my kids it just made sense
46 00:03:10:00 00:03:13:00 so my kids have been checked for spineand nervous system since they’ve been
47 00:03:13:00 00:03:17:00 alive at this point and that becameliterally one of my majors specialties
48 00:03:17:00 00:03:22:00 just out of really assess it well let’ssee that’s exactly what I thought you
49 00:03:22:00 00:03:26:00 might be going with that that’s that’sawesome so tell me why
50 00:03:26:00 00:03:30:00 somebody’s watching dad kids you knowwhat’s the benefit of you know sending
51 00:03:30:00 00:03:34:00 or bringing your kids at someone likeyou beautiful so the first thing is you
52 00:03:34:00 00:03:37:00 know I’m not going to treat I’m notgoing to crack someone’s neck first up
53 00:03:37:00 00:03:40:00 so like if people think that right awayjust you know if the pink elephant the
54 00:03:40:00 00:03:44:00 room just say it right somechiropractors do some don’t I work in a
55 00:03:44:00 00:03:47:00 lot of children that is not what theyget to practice okay so we do other
56 00:03:47:00 00:03:51:00 techniques this soft tissue technique istotal techniques is something called an
57 00:03:51:00 00:03:54:00 activator there’s a lot of light forstuff the kids don’t even know what’s
58 00:03:54:00 00:03:58:00 going on so that’s number one just tosay – pink elephant room remember – the
59 00:03:58:00 00:04:02:00 reality of what’s going on why comewatch a child literally gap kids just
60 00:04:02:00 00:04:06:00 watch watch it three-year-old watch yourfiber watch a seven-year-old off the
61 00:04:06:00 00:04:11:00 trampoline watch a picture who’s nineyears old throwing 300 pitches every two
62 00:04:11:00 00:04:16:00 days these are things biomechanicallydone to fall the junk food the sodas the
63 00:04:16:00 00:04:20:00 crazy stuff in life just how many timesthey fall before they learn how to walk
64 00:04:20:00 00:04:24:00 all of these things have a probabilitymisaligned the spine when the spine has
65 00:04:24:00 00:04:28:00 any misalignment adult or children it’sthe same thing just that an adult will
66 00:04:28:00 00:04:31:00 happenareas of pain and child will not so how
67 00:04:31:00 00:04:34:00 do you know if your child doesn’t have amisalignment within the spine the answer
68 00:04:34:00 00:04:38:00 is you don’t because the reality is noone’s trained you to talk about the
69 00:04:38:00 00:04:42:00 spine and nervous system right so thenervous system is the brain and spinal
70 00:04:42:00 00:04:46:00 cord and that connection then lies tospinal nerves going to different parts
71 00:04:46:00 00:04:50:00 of the body muscles glands and organsthat lives inside the vertebra of your
72 00:04:50:00 00:04:54:00 spine so you can’t think of thoughtwithout actually showing I can represent
73 00:04:54:00 00:04:58:00 somewhere in the body how that works sosimply my simple concept learned enough
74 00:04:58:00 00:05:03:00 biomarkers to say I never said you needyour child to get a judgement just get a
75 00:05:03:00 00:05:07:00 check-up I’ll tell you or anotherpediatric chiropractor to tell you this
76 00:05:07:00 00:05:10:00 is what’s misaligned this is the nervethis is what’s going on and this is how
77 00:05:10:00 00:05:14:00 we prove that to you so that would be mycup you know best yet
78 00:05:14:00 00:05:17:00 okay so somebody’s watching they thinkthey might want to get their you know
79 00:05:17:00 00:05:21:00 you’ve their kid checked out by someonelike you but what if they’re not in your
80 00:05:21:00 00:05:26:00 area I know you mentioned you do a lotof webinars on can they watch a webinar
81 00:05:26:00 00:05:30:00 a little learn a little bit more can yourecommend other doctors great so the
82 00:05:30:00 00:05:35:00 answer is yes you can through my websitewe host every webinar I do through my
83 00:05:35:00 00:05:39:00 facebook you’ll see the live version ofit but then it’s recorded of course and
84 00:05:39:00 00:05:41:00 then it would go right on my website sojust go to like webinars and then you
85 00:05:41:00 00:05:45:00 can link all the ones we’ve done I alsohave a podcast called functional living
86 00:05:45:00 00:05:49:00 I also wrote a book called functionalliving so they can get a copy of the
87 00:05:49:00 00:05:52:00 book if they just caught you know call Iliterally don’t mind sending one out or
88 00:05:52:00 00:05:55:00 they could go to Amazon and buy oneright so whatever they want to do am
89 00:05:55:00 00:05:59:00 willing to give the information for freeif they’re not local the truth is if
90 00:05:59:00 00:06:04:00 something like isn’t entice them to geta check-up just go to the literally the
91 00:06:04:00 00:06:09:00 international chiropractic pediatricAssociation I think it’s a metro d/deaf
92 00:06:09:00 00:06:16:00 website it’s – I see PA for the and if you go there look for
93 00:06:16:00 00:06:19:00 certified doctors at least him thatwould be what I would do and at least in
94 00:06:19:00 00:06:22:00 a location where ever you are you canfind at least someone who’s gone through
95 00:06:22:00 00:06:26:00 extra schooling to work on your childrenright some reasons they can trust and
96 00:06:26:00 00:06:30:00 that’s also been recommended then justprobably the hardest thing for somebody
97 00:06:30:00 00:06:35:00 to trust somebody with their kids orbehind me all of them and I would really
98 00:06:35:00 00:06:38:00 recommend they interview the doctor alot of times I offer a free consultation
99 00:06:38:00 00:06:41:00 and I expect the patient to kind ofgrill me in a way because I wouldn’t
100 00:06:41:00 00:06:43:00 handchild over so I think it’s an amazing
101 00:06:43:00 00:06:47:00 way to just do that and I tell all mypatients bring friends family I’ll get
102 00:06:47:00 00:06:51:00 my courtesy consult on my lunch breakinterviewee but see if I can be the guy
103 00:06:51:00 00:06:55:00 for you from not let’s find someinterview the doctor it’s all aspects of
104 00:06:55:00 00:06:59:00 doctor I think you should interview allyour doctors from an endocrinologist to
105 00:06:59:00 00:07:03:00 an orthopedist or GP doesn’t matterinterviewing see if you like them if
106 00:07:03:00 00:07:06:00 they live with you and what theirthoughts are simply okay so you
107 00:07:06:00 00:07:10:00 mentioned something about kids pitchingbig playing baseball you know you also
108 00:07:10:00 00:07:15:00 work with a lot of athletes how did youget started working with athletes and
109 00:07:15:00 00:07:18:00 what do you do with them okay this againgoes back to a lobster I’ll make it very
110 00:07:18:00 00:07:22:00 quick when I was a kid I was in aterrific car wreck I broke my legs in a
111 00:07:22:00 00:07:26:00 whole bunch of places right so they Iwoke up literally out of a coma and this
112 00:07:26:00 00:07:29:00 doctor literally woke up dancing I’llnever walk again so this is when I was
113 00:07:29:00 00:07:33:00 in a medical mindset and that just blewmy mind that this can happen like why
114 00:07:33:00 00:07:37:00 would you tell a kid this who’s 14 rightso in my mind I always knew what doctor
115 00:07:37:00 00:07:42:00 I’d be I wanted to help some version ofregaining walking or some kind of you
116 00:07:42:00 00:07:46:00 know athleticism because I used to playbaseball really competitively until this
117 00:07:46:00 00:07:51:00 occurred so without a story many yearslater fully healed fully functioning
118 00:07:51:00 00:07:55:00 proved the doctors wrong pretty amazingI wish I had a chiropractor back then I
119 00:07:55:00 00:07:59:00 did not okay so I went to a physicaltherapist which was amazing and we
120 00:07:59:00 00:08:02:00 learned everything was amazing so when Icame out martial arts became my passion
121 00:08:02:00 00:08:07:00 so when I was a martial artist I stillAM what happened simply is I realized he
122 00:08:07:00 00:08:11:00 was taken care of eat guys so I was veryblessed in schools to train with
123 00:08:11:00 00:08:14:00 chiropractors who used to go to theOlympics so that was like my dream maybe
124 00:08:14:00 00:08:18:00 I can work with athletes maybe go to beOlympic one day so the reality is that’s
125 00:08:18:00 00:08:22:00 still my dream the difference is I stilldo that but then I add into the
126 00:08:22:00 00:08:27:00 pediatric youth and I really love theyoung adolescent like you know future
127 00:08:27:00 00:08:31:00 superstar the top picture in town thetop soccer team they come to me because
128 00:08:31:00 00:08:35:00 it’s just fun we create this energy andthat’s how it works with kids and
129 00:08:35:00 00:08:39:00 athletes so you’re helping the kids andeventually he’ll be in the Olympics but
130 00:08:39:00 00:08:45:00 you that is my goal correct that is thereason that’s don’t reduce it so I got
131 00:08:45:00 00:08:51:00 weight you know you gotta be patientkeep table that’s all I try to do okay
132 00:08:51:00 00:08:54:00 that’s really cool thank you for doingall that and working with kids and ask
133 00:08:54:00 00:08:58:00 you know I know it’s nice that someonelike you local and then now we’re just
134 00:08:58:00 00:09:02:00 you know trying to find more peoplethroughout the world in us that we can
135 00:09:02:00 00:09:06:00 refer you know businesses like yours -is there a success story that really
136 00:09:06:00 00:09:09:00 sticks out to you it doesn’t have to beyour best one but one that really
137 00:09:09:00 00:09:15:00 touches you and gives you motivated tohelp keep upping more people I can give
138 00:09:15:00 00:09:18:00 you many off-off just off the cuff butI’ll give you one run out to be a
139 00:09:18:00 00:09:23:00 quickie female migrated patient she’shad migraines for 23 years every single
140 00:09:23:00 00:09:25:00 Christmasshe couldn’t even deal with Christmas
141 00:09:25:00 00:09:27:00 she couldn’t deal with the childrenevery single year she would cry if the
142 00:09:27:00 00:09:31:00 migraines would come on every Christmaswith de-stresses so literally she
143 00:09:31:00 00:09:35:00 started in my practice literally aboutthree weeks before Christmas all I knew
144 00:09:35:00 00:09:39:00 is that if I figure out the cause of whybees migraine therapy I’m just taking an
145 00:09:39:00 00:09:42:00 overload of drugs like yours dead andimitrex and all these other things
146 00:09:42:00 00:09:47:00 didn’t know what else to do I starteddoing figuring out the causation of it I
147 00:09:47:00 00:09:50:00 won’t get you deeper there was one partof the brain that wasn’t working as
148 00:09:50:00 00:09:53:00 efficiently causing one side of the bodyto misalign more so and it kept
149 00:09:53:00 00:09:57:00 offsetting this neurological concomitantof the autonomic and I apologize for
150 00:09:57:00 00:10:01:00 getting too wordy so what ended uphappening is I figured this out gently
151 00:10:01:00 00:10:05:00 started adjusting her within three weeksto Christmas miracles there she never
152 00:10:05:00 00:10:09:00 had another headache or migrate again sothat’s another that’s a cool girl I’m
153 00:10:09:00 00:10:13:00 stuck with me forever another greatgreat one on a child we used to take
154 00:10:13:00 00:10:16:00 care of as little guy who had what’scalled hyperlexia it’s a version of
155 00:10:16:00 00:10:21:00 autism when they’re super functioning Isaid it rolling I call it super smart as
156 00:10:21:00 00:10:25:00 far as reading and facial recognition itmemorize anything but they didn’t have
157 00:10:25:00 00:10:29:00 the verbose cuts that they couldn’treally speak and they could looking at
158 00:10:29:00 00:10:33:00 all this child’s been under my practicefor nine years he has not only been the
159 00:10:33:00 00:10:36:00 most amazing stories the most amazingwith a boy but he’s fully integrated
160 00:10:36:00 00:10:41:00 normal school and the dose d/dx of whathe had is now gone
161 00:10:41:00 00:10:44:00 and all through chiropractic carevitamin supplementation just giving love
162 00:10:44:00 00:10:48:00 and hugs this little kid and now he’slike a grown man he’s almost you know no
163 00:10:48:00 00:10:52:00 grow man but he’s like a knight great soconsider when I started with it he’s
164 00:10:52:00 00:10:55:00 like a big dude he told me it’s prettyfunny so the true quick lead on any
165 00:10:55:00 00:11:00:00 level I give you a hundred of theseyoung from anxiety to pain pain is too
166 00:11:00:00 00:11:03:00 simple though don’t think IRA practicaall the time of pain as all people think
167 00:11:03:00 00:11:08:00 but the brain is the master right so ifthe brain is the master any dysfunction
168 00:11:08:00 00:11:10:00 withinthe body anything is a neurological
169 00:11:10:00 00:11:14:00 circuit not working something figuredyou know question the why of life
170 00:11:14:00 00:11:17:00 don’t just say my number ain’t rightlet’s take a drug why does that even
171 00:11:17:00 00:11:19:00 happenquestion why does my number not right
172 00:11:19:00 00:11:24:00 you know what if one I have lost theability to focus better think is that
173 00:11:24:00 00:11:29:00 what causes that reaction look atyourself in the mirror like your ID or
174 00:11:29:00 00:11:32:00 usually one eye is smaller I did a wholevideo on my website about this just
175 00:11:32:00 00:11:36:00 about looking at the eye and pupils andif that’s off nerve systems off you need
176 00:11:36:00 00:11:40:00 to get a checkupso I mean Isis of these up and down
177 00:11:40:00 00:11:43:00 maybe in the future will go forward butyou know I try to give all this
178 00:11:43:00 00:11:46:00 information out that higher level stuffis functional neurology which is my next
179 00:11:46:00 00:11:51:00 real focus but the answer is always geta check-up you never know what happens
180 00:11:51:00 00:11:56:00 I’m looking in the camera on my eyesright now to see if they’re even I’m not
181 00:11:56:00 00:12:00:00 gonna I’m not sure diagnosed you I knowbut you got a little bit of right so
182 00:12:00:00 00:12:03:00 suppose talk about another day but nottoday see you’re noticing right through
183 00:12:03:00 00:12:08:00 the camera yeah yeah my favorite myfavorite question is how does the ninki
184 00:12:08:00 00:12:12:00 feel when you could see the successstories and testimonials back it is the
185 00:12:12:00 00:12:16:00 greatest part of the day every singleday and I’m blessed to have 99% of the
186 00:12:16:00 00:12:19:00 patients come back with this kind ofstuff because the truth is it says all
187 00:12:19:00 00:12:23:00 that time and energy of studying allthose years were worth it and I just
188 00:12:23:00 00:12:27:00 look at like too many people are sickand dying and the more people who spread
189 00:12:27:00 00:12:31:00 sheer and happiness and love the worldwould be better so the reality is look
190 00:12:31:00 00:12:35:00 around look what happened the last 10years go anywhere people aren’t looking
191 00:12:35:00 00:12:40:00 as healthy as they want this you know soI think we need to play bigger so no
192 00:12:40:00 00:12:44:00 we’re playing big enough yet as isthat’s the story right well I like how
193 00:12:44:00 00:12:48:00 you’ve been able to integrate moreservices than just one just some all
194 00:12:48:00 00:12:52:00 your goals and focuses is to help morepeople so I see you’ve got some some
195 00:12:52:00 00:12:57:00 circles on your arms there we all we allthink okay massage acupuncture
196 00:12:57:00 00:13:03:00 chiropractic but I assume you have moreservices than that at your practice do
197 00:13:03:00 00:13:06:00 you offer the cupping and all thedifferent services there also I actually
198 00:13:06:00 00:13:10:00 don’t know for cupping in the practice Idid it on myself to be honest with you
199 00:13:10:00 00:13:14:00 so um it’s something different playingwith I used to go to an acupuncturist
200 00:13:14:00 00:13:17:00 two years and it was great I bought myown machine been covering myself it
201 00:13:17:00 00:13:21:00 works great on the practice to be honestwe offer you know
202 00:13:21:00 00:13:24:00 you look around and I’m going to be rudebut a lot of people are obese the
203 00:13:24:00 00:13:28:00 president population of obesity isgetting bigger and bigger and bigger not
204 00:13:28:00 00:13:32:00 figuratively but also so we also have afull weight loss line in the practice
205 00:13:32:00 00:13:34:00 that we’re very passionate about butthat’s just helping people on a
206 00:13:34:00 00:13:37:00 different level we do have a massagetherapist she’s a sport massage
207 00:13:37:00 00:13:41:00 therapist she’s incredible and thereality is real like cold laser and
208 00:13:41:00 00:13:45:00 heywho therapy things that a lot ofpeople don’t know of if it doesn’t offer
209 00:13:45:00 00:13:49:00 healing then it doesn’t matter in mypractice so I don’t want anything in the
210 00:13:49:00 00:13:52:00 practice to just give you five minutesof happiness it has to have long-term
211 00:13:52:00 00:13:57:00 impact so that’s I can go into a wholelist of all the other services but it’s
212 00:13:57:00 00:14:00:00 more important to you know informationfor people yeah Jerry we’re going to
213 00:14:00:00 00:14:05:00 make sure we post your website andFacebook social media pages whatever
214 00:14:05:00 00:14:08:00 platform you’re watching there above orbelow make sure we post any links to
215 00:14:08:00 00:14:12:00 check you outso what is a good place for someone to
216 00:14:12:00 00:14:17:00 get started with you should they go toyour website first or your social media
217 00:14:17:00 00:14:20:00 what’s the best place for somebody tocheck you out I always recommend go to
218 00:14:20:00 00:14:24:00 the website yes if you go to the websitefor be on chiropractic comm we post
219 00:14:24:00 00:14:28:00 almost everything we’ve ever done onthere so if I did a radio show and done
220 00:14:28:00 00:14:32:00 there yes if I did a webinar it’s onthere or just the calendar events you
221 00:14:32:00 00:14:35:00 can set up an appointment you can orderour books you do whatever you want on
222 00:14:35:00 00:14:39:00 the websites pretty.i we worked long andhard on that website so I can go there
223 00:14:39:00 00:14:44:00 and watch the videos see if what I sayif at all is powered you share them you
224 00:14:44:00 00:14:47:00 know that’s the reason of doing thesecool videos to share more information
225 00:14:47:00 00:14:51:00 people share something like a kitty catdoing something crazy on YouTube or
226 00:14:51:00 00:14:55:00 something for a million yeah it’s crazyright and then there’s like this you’re
227 00:14:55:00 00:14:59:00 talking about wellness that can changeyour life you get ten like it’s crazy to
228 00:14:59:00 00:15:03:00 me and just spread the word that’s all Isay you know yes you can click on the
229 00:15:03:00 00:15:07:00 little dog doing stuff but the realityis any saving your life tomorrow right
230 00:15:07:00 00:15:11:00 and that’s our goal we just want to helpbring more exposure to good people like
231 00:15:11:00 00:15:15:00 you and so Gary we definitely recommendyour business and whoever’s watching
232 00:15:15:00 00:15:18:00 whether it’s in your area or someone’s Iwant to check out a webinar you know
233 00:15:18:00 00:15:23:00 check out Jared’s website Ali onchiropractic Derek tell the audience if
234 00:15:23:00 00:15:27:00 they’re watching and they’re close toyou or near you what’s your location and
235 00:15:27:00 00:15:31:00 how far do people usually travel to seeyou well that is of my location is like
236 00:15:31:00 00:15:34:00 eastern Long Island but the truth is Ido have
237 00:15:34:00 00:15:38:00 patience all the way from out east likethe Hamptons who drive in which is you
238 00:15:38:00 00:15:42:00 know 45 minutes to an hour when I havepeople from the city driving out as well
239 00:15:42:00 00:15:46:00 as people flying in a different locationso the reality is on miss M’Lynn Island
240 00:15:46:00 00:15:48:00 in New YorkI don’t live around there and live a
241 00:15:48:00 00:15:52:00 half hour away but the reality is I’malways there to serve and therefore
242 00:15:52:00 00:15:56:00 mornings and for evening so the realityis I’ve always better serve and if not
243 00:15:56:00 00:16:01:00 anyone listening just mention they heardme and you hanging out and the truth is
244 00:16:01:00 00:16:04:00 all from a courtesy consultation andtalk about it it’s fine and nervous
245 00:16:04:00 00:16:07:00 system really unless I’m on the standwhere to be and if we can’t help you
246 00:16:07:00 00:16:10:00 trust me I don’t want you in thepractice I’m always honest and ethical
247 00:16:10:00 00:16:15:00 salt battle is it yeah you want to youwant more success stories yeah that’s
248 00:16:15:00 00:16:20:00 the trick man bomb but empowers us yeahdefinitely
249 00:16:20:00 00:16:23:00 well thank you so much for joining metoday Jared I appreciate it you know I’m
250 00:16:23:00 00:16:27:00 looking forward to continuing to followyou and your business and anyone
251 00:16:27:00 00:16:30:00 watching on encourage you to live ahealthier life and we’ll see you on the
252 00:16:30:00 00:16:34:00 next episode have a great day

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