“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.” – Richard Branson


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Referrals started our business in a new city.

We have all known that referrals are always the best compliment and will potentially be the best customer. A new referral already trusts you, has hope that you can help them, and is contacting you because they have seriously thought about hiring you and using your services.

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When we first moved to St. Petersburg, Florida – 5 years ago – we didn’t know anyone. We were starting fresh, with no referrals or customers. The first thing we did was start networking with the locals. We knew that we could tell everyone how great we were, but there wouldn’t be any trust yet. We started offering everyone we met free consultations, so we could build some trust with people that didn’t know who we were (yet).
Whether you are just starting your business, or have been in business for years, you need more referrals.

We started out as health coaches wanting to change lives. We connected with a local chiropractor in our city, and started sending everyone we knew who needed his services his way. In return, he trusted us and our knowledge, so he started sending all of his unhealthy customers to us. Not only did this build his business, but it made us so busy we had to hire more staff.



We signed up 80% more clients because we answered the phone.

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We spoke about working with doctors in the first tip that we offered. Doctors have 4 times more customers per day than a health coach or trainer. On average, a doctor will see a patient every 15 minutes throughout the day, for double or triple the price of a coach working with a patient for an hour.

How does a doctor have so many more customers than a health coach? There is an easy answer, which we found once we started our referral network with local health businesses: They answer the phone every time a customer calls.

Most health businesses or gyms have a receptionist. As health coaches, we didn’t have the luxury of a receptionist, and most studios do not have one either. You risk losing out on 80% of new customers if you do not speak with them on the phone, but you can potentially gain 80% more business by speaking with a customer on the phone the same day they call.

We aren’t saying everyone needs a receptionist, or that you should answer your phone while with another customer. But what we are saying is that you need to call them back as soon as possible, THE SAME DAY!

Our business grew by 80% when we stopped e-mailing, texting, and procrastinating. Within a month, we each had over 30 customers a day when we started answering and calling a customer back the same day. If you are ready to grow your business by 80%, implement this strategy today.



Results give you testimonials and of course referrals.

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Doctors, nutritionists, coaches, and facility owners all get into business because they love helping others achieve results. We get discouraged if we see someone work day after day and never see results. We try and motivate them over and over, and nothing seems to work.

We all know not everyone will get the results they are aiming for. Some people just don’t have the will power to make this happen. Don’t give up on them, but also don’t ignore the ones that do achieve amazing results.

We were so focused on trying to push and motivate those who didn’t get results that we forgot about the ones that were seeing great changes. One day we realized we needed to start asking every single person we helped to give us a testimonial. We even offered them a free session/hour with us in exchange.

After receiving multiple testimonials, we were able to start posting these on our social media accounts, adding them to our website and showing others the before and after pictures. We not only had word of mouth referrals from these great results, but we also started getting referrals from people they didn’t even know.

The results were so motivating that new customers started calling us because of viewing our Facebook, our website, and seeing local hashtags. We were not only just getting referrals from word of mouth, but we were also getting referrals from all over our city!



We couldn’t work for free but we knew the more customers we had resulted in more referrals.

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W In the beginning, we made many mistakes in our health business. We started out pricing ourselves too low, and working way too many hours. This strategy took us away from our family, friends, and life. We then tried pricing our time too high. This strategy lowered our clientele, and then we weren’t working enough.

When pricing your facility, sessions, or classes, you have to be very strategic. Don’t focus on how much you will be making an hour, day, or week. Start focusing on what will get you the most customers, results, and referrals.

If you price yourself too low, you will have many customers, but not enough money to be able to hire more staff to help you. If you price too high, you will have fewer customers, not enough referrals, and you won’t be busy enough to have to hire more staff. Test and find that perfect price point that will provide you enough money to afford a reasonable lifestyle, plenty of customers to build your local referral network, and keep you busy enough to hire more staff in the future.



Customers telling their friends about you is great, but what if they could tell people they don’t even know?

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We had a great thing going in our local city. We had customers, referrals with local businesses, and tons of testimonials flying around the Internet. But it wasn’t until we built a website and marketed it the right way that we built a real business.

We knew that word of mouth was always the best way to do advertising and marketing. What we didn’t know was that building a website could bring us at least 2 new customers a week – so we’d have to be prepared to manage a huge business.

Now that we had a website that was improving our marketing, we had the full circle. Clients were telling their friends about us, testimonials were getting shared all over social media, and our website was bringing us 2 new customers a week (that’s 8 new customers a month!). Within 3 months, we were hiring more staff, and looking for a new facility – our classes were so full we didn’t have enough square feet in our facility.


Watch Our T.A.R. Framework Here



Build a full referral circle in your local city. Start by connecting with other health businesses, speak with potential customers on the phone, get testimonials, price yourself right and build a marketable website.

Once you have your referral network created, get ready for results you’ve never experienced before.

We want to keep sharing our knowledge with you and make sure you are as successful as we have been in the big world of health business. We want to continue sending you tips and helping you grow. Please reply and interact with us by telling us what you’d like to learn or get better at. Also, always feel free to ask us any questions you may have; we may write a report on it in the future!