How To Grow Your Website

The 5 Websites I’ve Started And Grown

  1. (My personal training and online nutrition business) CLOSED.
  2. (Online health and fitness directory for new website leads) LIVE.
  3. (The most trusted health businesses connected throughout the world) LIVE.
  4. (Website speed test, analysis and business blog for traffic) NEW.
  5. (Conversion Links helps website owners create relationships with their visitors) NEW.

These websites are built and growing 100% on a process, content strategy and the number one reason; RELATIONSHIPS.

Why You Must Create A Relationship:

How To Grow A Website Without Paying For Advertising

Now of course like stated in my video and audio I had no idea what I was doing when I first started my first and even second website. While growing these websites and learning along the way I found that you must find a way to create a relationship with every website visitor.

How You Should Think:

  • Sign up rates are 60% more when you meet someone face to face.
  • People don’t buy from websites, they buy from people.
  • Would you rather buy from a corporate site or a site where you knew the owner?
  • For every second your web visitor is not engaged you lose 7% of customers on your website.

So now you need to put yourself in your customers shoes and think how they would think. When growing my websites my mentor always reminded me to think how your customer would think online, not how the business owner (myself) would think.

What’s The Solution?

How To Grow A Website Without Paying For Advertising

When first starting out I did NOT like being on camera, talking with people on the phone and just thought I didn’t have time! I soon realized when I had ZERO website visitors to my website that I had to change and adapt.

I forced myself to start writing blogs, making videos, getting on the phone, texting and building relationships with my website visitors. By doing this, it was like shaking hands with my ideal customers. I was able to build a relationship through video, chat and text that my clients appreciated.

Process and a plan are key when planning to grow your website. Find a method that works best for you whether that’s audio, video, images or articles. Set the calendar so you are consistent and don’t just make a plan to start take the first step and get started right away.

Highest Quality Doesn’t Matter:

How To Grow A Website Without Paying For Advertising

As the owner your mindset is of course that you want the highest quality for your business. Unfortunately what happens is that your so worried about quality that the content is actually never created. So why does quality matter if you never even make the content?

Start by just making content that not only fits your business but that fits your personality. Use your phone for videos, make short blog posts or just chat to your phone audio to upload to your website. Once you find a method that you are comfortable with and that your clients like you can then start making higher quality content.

Ready To Start?

How To Grow A Website Without Paying For Advertising

If you are ready to get started but not sure which direction to go, schedule a quick strategy phone call with me. By using a mentor and coach you can see a view from a customer or someone outside your business that you’ve never thought of before.

Below I am including my cell phone number to shoot me a quick text, calendar to schedule a website overview and a opt-in box to just stay connected and see the next 7 weeks of my website course.

I am looking forward to speaking with you and it motivates me to help even more when you leave a comment below. Talk soon, thanks!



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