Having a rough skin is a problem which most of us have faced at some point in our lives. Be it acne or recurring pimples, we have all faced our share of problems. The texture of your face plays an important role in defining your look. And if you have a rough texture then it can prove to be very troublesome as you can’t just cover it up with concealer. You will have to resort to a more permanent solution. Today we are going to tell you how you can get smooth skin and the following tips will surely help you in many ways.

Guide to smooth skin

  1. Using chemical exfoliant

You should use chemical exfoliants during shower every other day. You should leave it on for as long as you leave the shampoo on. Then you can rinse it off. By morning, you will surely be glassier and softer than the previous night. If you like your skin and want to take good care of it then don’t go more than two days without using a chemical exfoliant.

  1. Using Hyaluronic acid

Hydration is very important for your skin. Most of the water creams available today have hyaluronic acid. This draws moisture to the surface of the skin. Hence it plumps without highlighting the texture as reflective surfaces can. Many components in it lead to minimizing the pores. It is the best product for layering as it doesn’t allow anything to slide from the top of it.

  1. Using a smoothing primer

Once the texture settles down a little, you should now tend towards polishing. To achieve visibly smoother skin without adding coverage, you need to add primers. This will allow you to be deceptively makeup-free. This will allow you to look good without putting in the extra effort. You should use a primer which has a thin formula. It will allow you to have more tightening and optical blurring than pore filling. You will be even creamy and matte when it dries down.

  1. Using a spackling primer

You should then follow up with using a protective primer to fill the larger and rougher patches, this would be an impossible task otherwise. You should use it like you would use a spackle. Meaning you should smear it liberally on your most annoying pores. It will fill in an build on top of the skin as the balm itself is thick. This can be understood by the analogy of concrete laying a foundation for creating a high rise on top of it. This will allow your skin to feel comfortable and your roughest patches will be covered at the same time.

  1. Using oose Powder

Now that everything is set we move on to the loose powder. A matte finish is better for hiding roughness than a glossy one. Just set the textured area if you have dry skin. It shouldn’t catch on flakes if you exfoliated adequately. You should use a loose powder which contains several emollients. This will allow you to ensure that it is never too powdery. All you have to do now is to dampen a beauty blender dupe, pick up the powder and press it into the pores. By the way, there will be hardly any pores left visible by now.

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