Our mission at HylthLink is to connect and work with the most trusted business owners throughout the world.

It’s easy to login to your account, view your page stats and connect with new leads. Use our tool to not only get new leads but to also build your online presence using links back to your website!

Look at the top of the website and you’ll either see a “guest” option or your name at the top!

If you see the guest option, simply hover over the “guest” button and click on “my account.

Once you click on “my account” you will be able to login.

If you’re already logged in or once you log-in you can access your profile listing by clicking on “listing info” in which you’ll be able to edit your current listing.

Now remember the “listing info” button won’t show unless you get logged in to your profile (this prevent hackers).

You’ve made it to your listing page, if you have just one listing you’ll see one listing. If you have more then one listing you’ll see them all there.

From this page you can either “edit” your listing to make changes, view new application leads or view your page stats.

Just remember to hit “save” if you make any changes to your listing page.

Want to change your avatar/profile picture that shows up when a new lead wants to contact you?

Scroll to the very bottom of your “listing info” page and you’ll see where you can upload your avatar/profile image.

Now remember you can always use the button at the bottom of our website to reach out to us anytime. We have a live chat, scheduler, video, phone number, contact page and even an text message button.

Do you want to learn even more about how this works and how it can benefit your website for future success? Check out the video below and leave a comment!


Our goal is to help you build your online business, grow your network and help you in anyway. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel on these videos so we can stay connected.

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  1. HylthLink helped me build up my website and not only bring traffic but brought client sign ups! My listing page came out top notch and I was very impressed with the quality and the way it was so simply done. It beat the cost of hiring a website guru that cost an arm and a leg. Thank you so much to HylthLink, look forward to working with you all in the future.” Jim Smith Owner Titan Training

  2. “Brad (HylthLink) set this up on our Studio’s website a couple months ago. Since we set this up we’ve signed up over 15 brand new clients from our website. This also helped with current client retention, awesome service!” Colleen Carnes owner of Xtreme Fitness

  3. “After setting up this automation into my website I signed up a new client that same week. Instant ROI and results, thanks HylthLink!” Brian Peters owner of Ultimate Defense Krav Maga

  4. “I began working with Brad at Hylthlink a few months ago. He recorded a live interview with me (very patiently as this is not my strong suit!) and then set up an email funnel to follow up with those potential clients/patients that interacted with the video. Brad was so professional, the process was so smooth and the results have been terrific so far. I have chose to continue working with Brad on a monthly basis because I have found the results to be terrific and the cost to be very fair. I highly recommend Brad and Hylthlink to everyone wanting more exposure for their practice!” Dr. Wendy Gallego

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