AGX GROUP is a privately held VIP certified service disabled veteran owned, minority owned small dis-advantage business located in Baltimore, MD. Since, 2009 AGX has been called on to provide premiere business support and integrative health management solutions to a diverse group of customers throughout the continental United States, Canada and Europe. Utilizing an integrated multimodal approach, we provide capacity-oriented solutions centered on delivering customer value and industry-leading service.

AGX Group has demonstrated the ability to perform at maximum levels in providing quality services to those we serve. We offer a team of experts who deliver high performance and excellence in all we do. We offer our staff opportunities for growth and, together, we build a high performing workforce. Serving throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, currently, our corporate health, fitness and wellness programs serve government agencies, hospitals, corporations and residential communities of all sizes and scope.


AGX is mechanically focusing on “customizing” community development solutions with Veteran Owned small business cases. The unique conditions that Veteran owned businesses and Community players have in common to solve are diversity issues and sustainability. Most major institutions, especially corporations, are searching for solutions to these same issues. AGX offers the advantage by bridging the gaps for communities because the goods and services we deliver provide procurement advantages that can leverage economic development strategies.


“Hey how’s it going everyone Brad Smith here with looking for the top health and fitness business owners throughout the world and I’m excited to be joined today with DeAndre owner of AGX Group.

How are you today I’m doing phenomenal thanks for having me Brad happy to be here

Hey thank you so much for joining me I’m excited to talk to you because you’re all about connecting out it’s all about the people you know I’m having the experts and people you can trust around you tell us a quick overview of what a AGX Group is

Sure so a AGX is short for American group fitness we are a provider of premier business support and health management services starting a AGX in 2015 after spending a month and a half at a VA hospital I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder I’m after after my combat tours and came back home close to 300 pounds and I was able to get back into the community and build myself back up not only that but to start American group fitness as a as a national wide organization that stands front line on the front line for veterans health care.

So you had a problem something happened to you you found a solution and now you’re helping others with that yeah well first of all thank you for serving for us I appreciate that how many years were you in the service

Interview Transcription:

So I did four years active from 2001 to 2005 I was in Iraq and I did four more years Reserve my goal was to be a drill sergeant but just didn’t work out I got too tired man I was worn out and then he needed some time off and then you mentioned you were 300 pounds when you got up yeah so I was I was after coming out of the VA hospital you know wrestling with nightmares and and alcohol addiction I came out close to 300 pounds I mean when they pump you with you know medication and all you do is sit and eat and and you come out unhealthy unfortunately and so not many of us come back from that now many of our guys come back from that and I was able to come back from it just because of the community support and my family and life of course and hard work hard work yeah it’s tough wait so you mentally got through it you found a solution now you’re helping others that are going through this and any also any veterans yeah yeah what what did you learn from going from 300 pounds you mentioned stress a couple times to me to where you’re right now what are some of the solutions that you found so here’s what I tell people all new life begins in dark places right so a mom carries a baby for nine months before that baby comes out into the new world that baby isn’t isn’t it’s in darkness for nine months and it’s pushed out and that baby comes out screaming so this is the nature of life and this is what I’ve learned that you know not to take my dark places not to go too low not to go too high but to find what works for me unapologetically and to live it in a manner that includes the helping of other people because that’s where the real energy comes in when you when you expose yourself to the community and you help others you know things just begin to begin to work for you and that’s what it was for me I began to meet people who had the same ideas that I had regarding care less pharmaceuticals more community more active movement and more you know better nutrition and so we build a model around that and the model is being presented nationwide to every government agency and so we’re currently working now with the Department of Energy fires in Chicago Illinois offering our services and presenting our services nationwide so we have a group of professionals that are subject matter experts they’ve created their own novel programs that are all based on mental based wrecks stress reduction and so we’re not knocking out the idea that you need prescriptions they may need them for a while right but we want to include this hope the reality that nothing happens until you move right momentum comes before motivation right moment momentum results then motivation right in order for me to get them moving in order for me to really get the results I gotta get moving so there’s no motivation until you see something happening and that’s the that’s the whole key that we want to put on the front lines in our veteran community ok now we’re you working specifically with the veterans when you go into the government agencies and/or helping with their health and their fitness or really anyone yeah the majority both we work on the consumer side here locally in Baltimore DC Virginia we do events in Michigan as well for the consumers we provide that same type of service and solution for corporate entities for for high school sport teams it’s really the inclusion of the social aspect of the team and the group towards resiliency and so for the veteran population because of my personal experience and because of my experience with post-traumatic stress disorder which is a diagnosis that pretty much if you’ve experienced some form of trauma you probably you know are struggling with that so on the basis of that we know that that you know we are living in a society we were we are the most drugged cohort ever adult covert ever and so this is not just for the veterans because it’s nationwide it’s a problem that we want to address on a nationwide level so we’re offering yet to our consumers here locally and two veterans yes okay so you build a team around you that you can trust and experts in their field yeah you found a solution to you know people with issues or things that they’re going through in their life and now you’re helping them I think that’s huge now one bring up you know people live stressful life at least see it growing more and more obviously coming out of the military it’s very high stressful environment is that something you see most people struggling with yeah that’s what I got no that’s how people I felt like I was down downsized when I came out of the military wasn’t ready for that transition many of us are not ready for that lofty transition and so you come out ill-prepared emotionally physically spiritually and then of course career you know pretty career-wise you have no idea what you’re doing that transition alone is can be held for families for veterans and it really sets the tone for their next five years it really does and so yeah that was the very devil that was the major issue that many of my trials came from the transitions in life after coming out of the military well thank you for sharing all that I appreciate it and I think you know having the story on your back and then going forward providing the solution helping people is huge that’s the number one way to succeed also in business so I’m going to talk about the business side if somebody’s watching they want to get in contact with you who is who’s that person that’s watching right now that should reach out for your help your social services any professionals in the recreational therapy field any instructors that teach tai chi yoga yoga any any instructors that teach the mindfulness based type solutions we hire for these veteran initiatives so if you’re looking for work we can provide that for you and also for professionals in the health field doctors you know primary care physicians psychiatrists psychologists who want to provide this type of service to their their clients we truly understand the HIPAA rules and the laws that come with that hence why we have a team of professionals doctors and orthopedic surgeons who come in along our side of us we have our own national provider number to make sure that we do everything right so on a contractual level all government agencies that are looking to bring in a new solution a noon novel and for thinking solution that includes technology includes the community includes mindfulness includes spiritual recovery mental recovery physical recovery we provide that we provide that on a large scale and we want to be the champions for that so if you’re a consumer and you’re in Baltimore and you’re looking for location I teach local classes here I teach spin classes and I teach bar classes and so you can find me on my website and you’ll find out more about our personal services on a nationwide scale and we also purchase recreation equipment and facility design for those agencies that are looking to reach refurbish their their health and wellness studios or rooms we provide that service as well okay that’s awesome and that’s the best place for someone to reach out to you is through your website yeah normal you can go to my website or find me on LinkedIn LinkedIn it’s a very very I think we found each other on Whittington lengthen and you can catch me on LinkedIn today you can find me on or my website my website and my contact information is up there we’ll make sure we post the link for your LinkedIn it your website either above or below this video and you know that’s that’s exactly what we’re doing we’re looking for top trusted business owners that we can trust to refer people to so this is a perfect fit it’s great connecting with you and I’m gonna encourage anyone watching to really reach out to DeAndre and AGX group in bud you want to get in contact with them I think that’s awesome thank you so much for sharing your story today I appreciate it one more thing so we are a federally certified service-disabled veteran-owned small business not many people know what that is but there is a federal law that states every agency is required to relinquish 3% of their contracting dollars towards SD vs OBS and so any City age any municipalities that are looking to develop their communities from an economical standpoint for example we want to partner with the city of Baltimore the city of Detroit to come in and bring infrastructure and to bring a G X group to their to their arenas and provide this holistic opportunity to build jobs to get people healthy and the higher their local community and that’s what this is all about that’s taking it to a whole other level right and bigger than that you know I’m saying it’s bigger than me that’s awesome well thank you for sharing that too because I think that goes a long way you know no we’re working with the cities the veterans you’re just able to connect with everyone so I think that’s awesome all right we’re gonna keep following you keep up the hard work and sir great to connect with you anyone watch and reach out to DeAndre as soon as you can if you’re able to work with them Thanks”


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