1. Build A Relationship With Leads

We think this is the most important factor when it comes to building and maintaining a successful website. We have always followed the principles of a face to face interaction and how beneficial that is to building relationships with potential customers. So we constantly are looking for ways to be able to build relationships with anyone that visits our website. Think of yourself as the customer coming to your website. You don’t care about how great the business has been in the past, all you care about is if they will bring you the results you are looking for.

At HylthLink we use many ways to build relationships with new website visitors. We implement live chat tools and scheduling options on all of our pages. This shows the customer that we are always there for them, whether this is to meet over a phone call or answer any questions or concerns.

Increase Website Conversion Rates - 6 Lead Generation Tips

2. Tell Visitors Where To Click

Did you know that 80% of website visitors feel like they get lost when they visit websites. There is either way to much information thrown at them all at once, no clear path or direction when they land on the page. Give your customers a direction and draw them a map to follow once they hit the site. This will allow the customer to follow your directions and go to the appropriate pages they were looking for from the beginning. By implementing this strategy on your website it will also allow your time of page view to go up on your website and help with your overall SEO.

We implement this web strategy by placing a “Start Here” button on every page of This shows the website visitor exactly where to start and then we can direct them to the appropriate pages from there. By directing the viewer you can lead them to a sales page at the end of the funnel.

Increase Website Conversion Rates - 6 Lead Generation Tips

3. Make Your Site About Them

At the beginning of the video I mentioned that we are sick of seeing websites that only focus on the business and owners. Yes it’s always good to put an “about” section but consider making the “about” section a place where you can show the visitor how you can help them. Think about being in your potential customers position and looking online for a solution to the problem they’re searching for. Create your website around solving the exact problem your potential customer is looking to solve.

HylthLink always focuses on bringing value to the viewer, in our “about” section we tell the consumer exactly how they can benefit from taking a free health score. Each video walks them through the steps of finding a solution to a problem they might be experiencing and then how we can help them by referring a top rated business owner to work with.

Increase Website Conversion Rates - 6 Lead Generation Tips

4. Show The Steps

Some website visitors aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for. They might be looking to solve a problem but not know where to go or what to search for. By showing the steps of the map before hand this will ease the customer and build trust. As you know there are many non trusted businesses out there online, so many customers might not be willing to take your website steps and give any information like e-mail or phone number. If you show them exactly what pages, actions and end result before hand this will build trust with the potential client.

On every sales page of we tell the visitors exactly what will come next after they hit the purchase button. We have made videos that show the customer what the sales page looks like, what our terms and conditions page says and then that they will be directed to our scheduling page to schedule a coaching call to better their business.

Increase Website Conversion Rates - 6 Lead Generation Tips

5. Build Value With Content

This is where you should focus all of your marketing efforts. Content is what brings these viewers to your website and can also be a great trust builder. By consistently providing value with videos and articles potential clients can get to know you and learn more about your beliefs. Search engines look for consistence and viewers look for content that relates to the issues they are looking to solve. We see the best results when an owner posts a video with each article. The video will build a relationship with the viewer while the blog will bring value.

We always make a video with each blog to summarize what the article is about and how it can benefit the viewer. Some people like to watch videos, some like to read articles and most like both. Build your website around your visitors and what they enjoy and you will have a successful website.

Increase Website Conversion Rates - 6 Lead Generation Tips

6. Make It Easy For Leads To Sign-up

If the lead gets lost expect them to leave for good. This is actually an issue we see a lot of, there are a ton of “subscribe now” buttons and forms all over the internet, but do you tell the customer exactly what they’re subscribing to? Or are you letting them know what value you will actually bring if they give you their e-mail address? The focus of your website is the path, relationship and showing exactly what you will give if the lead signs up.

By painting the picture and providing a map on the site your visitor will follow your direction and always land on the sign-up page. Whether it’s through our “start now” button or through an e-mail we will always show a potential customer on our sign-up page and what they will receive when they sign up.

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