HylthLink Certified Top Rated Health and Fitness Expert Interview.

The MDF MATRIX is a proven system that use science to build a customized training plan for any athlete of any level that will lead them to their Peak Performance. The MDF Matrix start with a thorough Fitness assessment, a test where we measure the athlete’s ability to move and measure any postural imbalances if any. The results of the assessment will decide in which phase of the MATRIX the athlete will start. All athletes will progress through the 3 different phases of the MDF MATRIX to reach their Peak Performance and eliminating injuries. The importance of movement quality for an athlete is crucial to maximize performances.

Corrective + Strength/Conditioning + Peak Performance = YOUR INNER ATHLETE


movement screening
Metabolic assessment
post rehab injury
injury prevention
correct postural imbalance
neuromuscular activation
Stabilization Training Adaptation

Stabilization Equivalent Training
Muscular Development Training
Maximal Strength Training
Strength Endurance
Weight Loss

Sport Specific
Elastic Equivalent Training
Maximal Power Training
Maximal Speed Training
Cardiovascular Endurance
Lactate Testing

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