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-Fitness Training Certification –

Anyone who takes the certification through HylthLink will receive:

1. A free Medical Fitness Network Membership ($149.00 value). Members receive discounts on medical fitness continuing education, referrals for clients with medical conditions, as well as many other benefits.

2. Use of my Health Coach program for anyone to offer to their clients ( gyms receive $10.00 per registration)

3. A chance to become an affiliate and use our name and logo for marketing purposes ( cost is $350.00 per year for the HylthLink audience normal cost is $450.00 per year)

4. Retreat consultation – We will come out and help fitness facilities to run an affordable retreat. $100.00 for Hylthlink followers.




The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals

If you are looking for something new and cutting edge to instruct in your gym, this is it! The Stress Management Exercise Specialist (SMES) is a credential that allows you to work with our R.E.L.A.X.™ program. R.E.L.A.X.™ can be used in your fitness facility or place of employment. With this certification you also receive a free Medical Fitness Network Membership (149.00 value). The network provides free educational webinars, discounted continuing education courses, and referrals from the many organizations they are partnered with. A Health Coach online workshop is available to offer to your clients, an affordable in house retreat for your members and a personal training selling workshop are included with our certification.

Become a level 1 Stress Management Exercise Specialist™ (SMES) and you will be able to offer personal training for stress management, instruct the Mindful Stretch™ class, and offer one on one meditation sessions that are customizable. This program blends well with medical programs that your facility may already use. In our program, we use traditional stretches, some of which are similar to Makaho stretches. When stretching, we stretch the muscles but also move positive energy through the body. This helps to initiate the relaxation response.

As a level 2, Stress Management Exercise Specialist, ™ (SMES) you can instruct the Mindful Stretch class and Reflective Meditation sessions. You will be helping individuals to cope with stress in their daily lives.

Our third option for certification is to become a Reflective Meditation Instructor™. With this certification you are able to instruct one on one relaxation sessions. You do not need a fitness or medical background to sit for this certification.

Mindful Stretch™ is a gentle class designed to elicit the relaxation response in a different way from yoga or pilates. Our classes blend relaxation with stretching and aromatherapy scents. The class is formatted in a certain way so that participants can achieve a total state of relaxation.

Stress is prevalent in all of our lives and this course will help your clients cope with their stress. When you implement the techniques in this course, your clients will keep coming back to you. R.E.L.A.X.™ is the new generation of Mind/Body programming for the health and fitness industry. Take the course and become a Stress Management Exercise Specialist™ (SMES) and expand your fitness or health career!

To become a Stress Management Exercise Specialist™ (SMES) you must currently be a physician, nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, chiropractor, recreational therapist, health educator, massage therapist, athletic trainer, fitness specialist or a personal trainer. If you believe your profession may qualify for becoming an SMES, please contact us and we will be happy to review your credentials. If you are a social worker, you may register for the Reflective Meditation™ Certification.

The course was also developed to help health and fitness professionals cope with their stress. You will learn about stress and different techniques to help you cope. As health and fitness professionals, you are always giving to others, however, you need stress management also.

The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals

Continuing Education

Professionals who pass the R.E.L.A.X. ™ Certification can join the Pro Zone. The Pro Zone is a place for you to receive discounted continuing education, business cards, flyer templates, use of our L.E.A.N. Start health coach course for families and much more. The Health Coach course can be used in your gym as a unique offering. You or your club will receive $10.00 for every registration.

The Stress Management Institute for Health and Fitness Professionals

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