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The Little Yoga Room is a space where the sacred art of Yoga is practiced and taught.

The Little Yoga Room holds a freedom from discrimination theory. Within the walls of The Little Yoga Room the only laws that exist are yogic; everyone is equal, everyone is safe, and everyone is necessary.

The Little Yoga Room birthed from a dream born in 1992 with one yoga class. A dream founder Kara Thorsen, worked towards for 11 years. Yoga is ironic in its ability to make one tire of the obstacles life presents but never give up on the practice as it meets each one and over comes.

Kara Thorsen has had a yoga practice since 1992 and strictly Iyengar method from 2000. She chose Iyengar Yoga, or more precisely, it chose her, due to the detailed arrangement of the body and mind.

We can let go to hold on and hold on to let go. Yoga leaves nothing untouched.

You are invited to come and experience how yoga can transform one’s self through the knowledge of one’s self.

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Close Captions

“Hey how’s it going everyone? Brad Smith here
without HylthLink I’m looking for the top
health and fitness experts throughout
the world and I’m joined with another
health expert Kara Thorson out of
Montreal how are you today Kara I’m good
thank you Brad hey thank you so much
for joining me you’re the owner of the
little yoga room in Montreal but you’re
also mobile you travel and help out a
lot of people so tell us a little bit
about who you are and what your business
is well the business is a private
Iyengar studio Iyengar yoga is one of
the first methods to come to the United
States be cast with a here in 1950 and
probably if you’re practicing yoga
because he traveled from India to the
United States to introduce it to the
masses so to say so did I do that’s my
practice and that’s what our studio is
okay and now we said it’s in montréal
via people travel from Vancouver and
you’re also going to New York
um tell me a little bit about on that
side of it where people can find you in
much rail and where you’ll be traveling
to we’re located in Philippi and like I
said we’re small studios so typically
the classes on a weekly basis are
between 8 and 10 people sometimes they
get stuck to 11 sometimes there is lower
three or four then when I travel a
fitted larger groups because I was
brought into a larger group and so when
I travel it that there’s Skype sessions
and there’s also one one he was my very
first private and he comes from
Vancouver and back and forth and he also
works in humanitarianism so it’s really
nice I learned from him he learns from
me very harmonious okay awesome
all right so I want to get you a
background story you know why you got
started helping others with it and let’s
talk about the Iyengar way is that I say
all right all right cool yeah if you
look give us the backstory uh well I was
diagnosed with the scoliosis when I was
a young teenager and I was told that I
was going to be put in a back brace or
have a surgery and of course that that
had my head turning so as a young adult
I was 22 when I started practicing yoga
and the name I and ER was always in my
but I knew it was very rigorous so I
wasn’t sure that that was the road that
I wanted to go but I was always thinking
about where my body was placed
skeletally muscularly neuro and
musculoskeletal II as well as ordinal
and everything figuring out the patterns
between the the physical body and the
mental body and so then finally I
attended my first Islander yoga class
and I said oh my god this is how I
expressed it so this is obviously where
I need to be and it was in my first day
anger class that I said there’s nothing
else I want to do with my life so I’m 47
now and my practice has been since 22
and there’s not a day of ordem there’s
nothing to fix
so are you completely healed know of or
hobbit how did that were harder the yoga
definitely the curve in my spine as
people wouldn’t even notice it you know
it is definitely worked to maintain that
and some people can some people can’t I
mean my practice like I say has been
since I was 22 so it’s over 25 years I’m
practicing it wasn’t the first year that
there were huge changes I mean there
were huge changes that first year but
now those changes are more and more
subtle then you get into the deeper
layers of the body and and I realized
with any physical pattern there’s a
mental pattern and scoliosis is
definitely there’s a thought pattern to
Scully a scoliotic process of the mind
and it can be very stubborn you know we
have to bend in purpose to get her life
and then when we have to straighten back
out it’s pretty aggressive mentally
because it challenges who we are is
confronting to figure out our
shortcomings well that’s interesting so
tell me you know you went through your
own success story I feel like that’s
probably one of the best success stories
you could give tell me the type of
people that you work with so success
stories for me I think anyone who’s
coming is a success story you know I
have a group of the women that come on
Monday mornings and they have been with
me for five years and they have all
started as grandparents and went through
their retirement and I think that’s
courageous and that is a success story
so I mean as far as it goes
I think anyone who wants to better their
life and comes to yoga to seek it out
and to especially participate and stay
there then that is a success because
many of us when it gets hard we run you
know and they don’t and I so everyone is
a success story but I do understand what
you’re saying so my physical change
would be the success story for me yeah
definitely and I think it helps you with
all of your your clients that you work
with – telling them your background
where you came from yes absolutely
because then they can understand the
changes can happen changes can happen
but we have to be one of the things that
it isolates Iyengar yoga from others is
the responsibility factor we are
responsible for our bodies so I may be
able to transmit some tools but I can’t
make the changes for you you’re the one
who has to make those changes for you
and that’s where it gets confronting you
know that’s where it gets scary but I
find that people aren’t scared they go
right in they want to change they want
to improve and in my you know I think I
have to do with your coaching also
having the right coach to teach you and
motivate you and get you started I think
goes a long way for somebody personal
when someone’s coming to the essence of
you you know I know from my own teachers
because there are times where I am
cursing or wishing oh my god why am I
here why do I do this with my life but
when I come out of that that frustration
I realized okay it’s true it’s only me
who can make those changes and they just
push me to my edges and we need that and
then they’re graceful about bringing me
back as well so it’s a level of
compassion sometimes we have to give
them what they don’t want right so that
they have what they need and it’s a
delicate balance such as life right I
think this is very unique because you
mentioned before the interview that you
had a coach or somebody that was getting
you into this that you work with for
over eight years what was that like what
was that process like working with a
coach it’s very intense
because they become a mentor for life
and you know it’s interesting I just
took a backdrop a little bit I just took
a workshop with one of the highest
elevated eyeing our teachers in the
world I think he’s one of two and you
know these these teachers become sort of
celebrities for SME Iyengar world and we
place them on pedestals where they’re
just human and there can be a lot of ego
in that because you’ve got so many
people watching you and oh I’ve studied
with him or I’ve studied with her that
puts me above the rest and does it ever
done have to be careful of that it’s a
really intimate relationship and so the
teachers also have to remain humble that
they know they’re being worshipped they
know they’re being put on a pedestal and
to take that pedestal and abuse it can
be damaging and you know sometimes we
find that we have to move away in order
to come closer and sometimes we find we
we meet on the same path but it’s
interesting question that you asked
because yes it’s an intimate process
it’s a very intimate process and both
have to be careful I think it definitely
helps you as a coach now that you work
with the coach for that long you saw the
you know the good the bad and different
things to know help more people out yeah
and and one of the differences with
Iyengar yoga also is that it’s um I
don’t want to say it’s compulsory that
we continue our studies
you don’t become a teacher and then it’s
done you know okay I don’t ever have to
study again I know it all it’s
compulsory that we continue our studies
in our education and work with the body
and the body sciences and find out more
in our practice and if I can one thing
that I find really unique in the Iyengar
tradition is that you see every eye on
your teacher is under the umbrella of
Iyengar you see how steadfast we are to
mr. Iyengar and his method but because
our practice and our continuing
education is compulsory it becomes very
personal so the things that speak to me
and my practice may not be what another
teacher gets but that’s what I trance
in my class and what another teacher
finds in their practice is what they
transmit so it’s really a beautiful
process because we get right into the
essence of being human which which is a
gift which is a gift because very often
we neglect that being human to be
something else to be superhuman or what
happened I think that’s a great story
Mumbai that we touched on that and
thanks for you know diving a little bit
deeper into that also I want to get into
the symptoms
what’s a if I you know if I have some
sort of symptom what symptoms would I be
suffering from or going to in my life to
want to get started with you I’m sorry I
didn’t hear the beginning of that I
wanted to jump into the symptoms and
what somebody would be experiencing to
need to or want to get started with you
well anxiety is a big one and purpose
and not just mental or emotional stress
but a physical stress because they do
you know they it’s the cyclical effect
when we have stress we have fear when we
have fear we have hardening so it just
keeps running over so I find people come
for different reasons
you know people come because they want
to get closer to themselves people come
because they’re in pain and they want to
figure out how to get out of pain people
come because their friends are coming so
they want to do with their friends are
doing and it becomes an atmosphere where
they do something unique it really is
it’s very personal I find but more often
than not people want to come because
they want to know themselves and I think
that that’s what is unique about Iyengar
he gives us a platform to use the body
as capital to know the mind and that’s
important for all of us that’s a great
answer and I think you know anybody’s
watching right now we definitely want to
you know have that real check your your
business out check you out is the best
place to go your website the little yoga
ring calm or are you pretty active on
social sure and the website is going to
be going over a revamping soon so so go
on but I know that there’s a bit of
troubleshooting happening right now
the little yoga room point calm and also
on facebook facebook on deaf
more present on and I put out a weekly
tutorial on Wednesdays called meet the
resistance so you can watch that and see
if you can bring that or see a little
bit of what we do and how we do it and
then what up well cool that you offer
that let’s jump into your travel
schedule coming up you said you’re
mentioned you’re going to New York
how does that work with where you’re
traveling and people working with you um
well I’m really honored because it was
the very first place that I started
studying in New York that invites me
back every year to teach there so I’m
actually between my first teacher which
which is super humbling I know what
about me and joy anger yoga and I
remember when I was toying with doing my
exam and I said is it true that if I
should start doing Iyengar yoga or get
certified in Iyengar yoga I can’t do
anything else
and she said Cara I don’t know if that’s
exactly true but I don’t know why you
would want to and and I thought what
that it stayed with me forever and the
more I learned about Iyengar yoga the
more I understand he really had it all
he had it all all the new body sciences
that are coming out I haven’t seen one
of them that has been a vehicle and this
was you know 50 60 years ago so he
really gave the world and all right so
when I travel sorry
dark in November and hopefully I’ll be
in the Caribbean teaching in October and
if not then it’ll be strictly a vacation
but I’m hoping that that I’m able to see
and then this winter I think it’s going
to be pretty much focusing on studies
and maybe next year going back out into
to doing more workshops and I’ll focus
on the little yoga room for keeping
essentials for a moment right well thank
you so much for joining me today Kara we
definitely recommend you on your
business what you’re offering and we
want to send everyone to your website
and your Facebook page so anybody
watching you know if you want to check
out care go to our Facebook page we’ll
make sure we post the links either above
the video or below so you know can
easily click on them and contact you
from there if they ever want to get
started wonderful and just so you know I
teach in French
in English I am in Montreal so its
definition for any people that are
watching there’s there’s no problems
it’s French and English well that’s
really unique then that’s awesome
maybe you offer that thank you yeah well
thank you thank you for joining me again
Kara yeah I appreciate it I want to
encourage everyone watching thank you
for watching check out Kara and I want
to encourage you to live a healthier
life and we will see you on the next
video episode thanks Kara”

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