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Kerin Briscese, owner of Haute Fitness Health, designs customized weight loss programs that encompass nutrition, fitness and overcoming self sabotaging habits. A permanent method to loosing weight for women who have struggled for years with yo-yo dieting, binging and emotional eating.

Kerin’s weight loss programs are 100% tailored to YOU. During the course of the program one-on-one private sessions help you form a healthy relationship with food and your body. Leading to lasting change so that you don’t ever have to worry about losing this unwanted weight again!

Losing weight is only the beginning!

Personal Interests
Foodie, wine and traveling the world. Oh and shopping of course 😉

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Helping women get rid of unwanted weight PERMANENTLY so they can begin to live their lives!

Kerin struggled for over a decade with bulimia, emotional eating and chronic binging. She understands what it feels like to desperately want excess weight off.

After breaking her bulimia and binging and healing her negative relationship with food and her body she has made it her life mission to help other women achieve the body they desire.

By finally getting to your goal and changing how you view your body and food you can finally start living your life!

After all isn’t that what living is about?


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