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    There are times in everyone’s life where one just decides it is time… time to take control of your health and your fitness. Doesn’t matter if you are overweight, fatigued or just want to be able to touch your own toes again… to feel life and blood flow strongly in your veins, to fit in a pair of jeans you wore 20 years ago. Whatever your personal motivation is and I hope it is strong, Sandbox is the right place to start. It ain’t easy and it takes dedication but it works. The coaches there know their business and their business is to help us achieve out fitness goals. It can be hot, sweaty and extremely intense depending on your commitment but I have to tell ya… it will change your life. Fitness is not a fad or a “lifestyle”… it is our natural state. Our truly natural state, or it wouldn’t be such a challenge to get back there… to move and feel like we were designed to from birth. It is truly a family there and such a joy to watch people in transformation, not to muscle head thick burgers but to more agile and healthier individuals. I am proud to be on my way to becoming such an individual and I thank Sandbox and Coach Lane for showing me the right way… the fun way and the best way to get there. When we were kids we all loved to play in the sandbox. Remember? Thanks to all the members and coaches at Sandbox for being so awesome!

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