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    I hired David after realizing I needed to get in shape. So many times I had good intentions but the method of “getting in shape” was not sustainable. I know I am on the right track after working with David. His nutritional coaching style has not only taught me how to lose weight, but the exercise programs he designed for me fits in perfectly with my busy life of business owner and Mom. Thank you David!

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    After a knee injury, surgery and a series of conventional physical therapists had restored my ability to walk, but not to run. David customized a series of progressive exercises that integrated multiple muscle groups in a natural way, gradually strengthening those which could protect and suppose my knees. He modified as needed and took into account my time constraints and exercise setting. Not only can I run again, but he’s set me up for a lifetime of maintaining functional fitness. Because he taught me the principals behind the exercises, I’ve been able to choose appropriate exercises on my own ever since.

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    David is an exceptional trainer, with an uncanny ability to custom design and tailor any program to just what you need. He has a thorough working knowledge of a broad range of health- and fitness-related topics, and is a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

  4. 5.0

    As an avid golfer, I know first hand that while addressing long-standing back issues with chiropractic care can be very helpful, this alone is likely not enough. At least this was the case for me. Despite any number of therapy sessions or my own efforts I put to exercise, the disk herniation that loomed finally took me out of play.

    That was until David stepped in. His approach was confident but conservative, reassuring me that with the right corrective exercise and contiguous support from my Chiro, we could balance and manage the issue together properly. Along my recovery, David not only crafted our sessions with precision and sense, but helped direct me and my core to a level of function that my game had never see before. Since then I have had nothing but successful golf seasons and so for anyone who has never experienced the value of exercise design, injured or not, I say give David a call!

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