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  1. 5.0

    I have done several exercise formats including gyms, zumba studios, walking and yoga. 9Round has given me great results- mostly strength and toning- in just a short amount of time. I had very little hesitation when committing for a year. The trainers are all amazing in their own special way; I can expect something very different from each one of them- and I truly appreciate that. I have made a commitment to myself that I will never drive past without stopping in for a 30 minute work out!

  2. 5.0

    I absolutely love 9 rounds. It’s quick get in and get out workout that kicks your butt!

  3. 5.0

    I LOVE 9Round for my workouts. I can’t say enough about the variety of workouts, the awesome staff and the flexible times without having an appointed time! Best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.

  4. 5.0

    I love 9Round! I always got bored at a regular gym … this is so different! Every day you do something new at each station and you have a personal trainer there to urge you onward! It’s the fastest 30 minutes of my day!

  5. 5.0

    Great workout, super efficient. I love it!

  6. 5.0

    Clean and friendly place. I love that I can work hard for 30 minutes and go on with my day.

  7. 5.0

    This is the best full-body work out I have ever experienced. A fresh and new work out everyday. Quick and convenient, and very affordable! This is a must do!

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