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    My situation starting the 12 week health coaching program was a little unique given that I found out I was pregnant about two weeks before starting the program with Jacqui. I was initially nervous about starting the program because I thought my goals of losing a little weight and living a more balanced lifestyle would go out the window as both my body and emotions would be changing throughout my pregnancy. Now that I have completed the program, I feel so lucky to have started working with Jacqui at the start of my pregnancy. For me, the combination of the action steps with the emotional skills component helped create a solid foundation not only for a healthy and balanced pregnancy, but a healthy and balanced life. I was very fortunate to have a relatively relaxed and uncomplicated pregnancy and I attribute much of that to working with Jacqui. Today I can say that I feel much more at peace with myself, my body, and my relationships than I ever have. Jacqui has an amazing ability to connect with people. She inherently uses empathy to build one’s trust, as well as provides health education in a way that is easy for clients to understand. In addition to her calm demeanor, Jacqui uses personal stories to relate a client’s situation. I feel the vulnerability piece allows people to connect with her on an intimate level. And it is from that connection where people feel supported enough to change habits in their life for the better. Jacqui is a fantastic health coach. I would absolutely recommend her for someone looking to make changes in their life to live not only a healthier lifestyle, but to also to simply live an authentic and more fulfilling life.

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