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  1. 5.0

    Life is great again! No more stomach problems, headaches and sleepless nights. Heidi helped me to find a happy and healthy life path again. Who knew that gluten was my issue – certainly not me! Heidi’s expertise, knowledge and counseling allowed us to work well together in finding the root of my problems. Not only did Heidi help me find new and exciting things to cook, but she helped me to find my spirituality and passion for fitness again. She consistently provided me tools to be successful. Thank you, Heidi! For the first time in years, I am healthier and happier in life!

  2. 5.0

    When I started going to Heidi (Integrative Wellness Studio) I was experiencing headaches every day. Infact, I was never was headache free.

    With the Heidi’s knowledge, counseling and our work together, I’m happy to say, I no longer have headache!

    Did I quit the sessions once my headaches, NO WAY! We had more discovering to do.

    With my continued sessions my life became so much more manageable, happier in ways I would have never have found on my own.
    With Heidi’s help, I’m living my healthiest life in many years. I’m able to handle stressful times because of the tools Heidi helped me find.

    Thank you Heidi!!

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