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  1. 5.0

    Yes! I really love Forge! I’ve been a client for two months and have really seen some great results! I’m stronger and feel better. I think the biggest thing is how confident I am in the gym now. I used to hate going because I never knew what weights or machines to use. Now I walk in, log into the Forge app and follow the plan my trainer wrote for me. I can even track my weights and workouts so I can tell I’m getting way stronger. Now that I’m going to the gym regularly, my husband started going too! I plan on running a half marathon now and my trainer is already adjusting my program for this goal. Best part is I can text and Skype my trainer directly! He is in California and I’m in Alaska and it’s like he’s in the same state. Very responsive and and awesome coach!

  2. 5.0

    What a great program! I have been working out for years but my routine was so stale and in a rut. Had Michael with Forge create a whole new workout and nutrition plan for me. I was scepticaI at first because it’s all online through the Forge mobile app and the coaching sessions are through Skype. I thought I would do it for a month but it’s been three! I think the fact that he is responsive and a great coach makes the difference. I’m a typical oldschool guy and can be resistant to workout ideas but Michael is really patient and knows his stuff. I feel better and have been more consistent than ever following his recommendations. Totally worth it.

  3. 5.0

    I’ve been using Forge Online Personal Training for 6 months now and absolutely love it! I work out at home and my trainer puts together a great program for me using the equipment I own. He will modify my program every month to keep it fresh and I’m seeing great results! I’m stronger and leaner. Sometimes I’ll have a question about a particular move and can just message my trainer right through my Forge app. All my progress stats and food are right in my app too so I can see my results over time. I highly recommend this for anyone ready to make a change in their life but not sure how to do it.

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