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    It is a great way to become healthy and stay healthy by taking charge of your health. If we listen only to what doctors tell us, we fill our bodies with drugs with side effects toxic to our bodies. Greg has the knowledge to help you improve your health.

  2. 5.0

    I have known Greg for many years , and his passion and knowledge supersede anyone I have ever met for helping people!

    His insight is also spot on!

    If you need healing and the best nutritionist ever, go see Greg! ?

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    Greg is an amazing nutritionist, as a chiropractor I have a pretty good base on nutrition but after speaking with Greg I was absolutely blown away at how much knowledge he has to offer people. He also has an amazing radio show called The Gillette Nutrition Show posted below, that is chalked full of great topics and insightful information. I highly recommend anyone who is having digestive health problem to contact Greg and let him help you.

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