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    Laurel has been such a huge support to me in changing my lifestyle to a healthier one. In working with her I was able to identify the obstacles that were in my way to achieving weight loss and how to manage my thyroid imbalance to achieve my goals. Laurel is a unique health coach that not only motivates you but gives you practical tools that fit your lifestyle. Thank you for all of your knowledge and support!

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    Laurel, you have been an amazing inspiration to me by not only what you verbally instruct and say, but by your example (actions).
    You are willing to go above and beyond to help people And you are very supportive; meeting people where they are in their life struggles. You are very knowledgeable and motivational. I wish I could carry you around in my pocket every day! Thank you!

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    Laurel, thank you so much for the time you spent with me. You fully inspired me and made me realize that the motivation I need has to come from me. Understanding what my body needs and what my body can handle as far as how much food I eat. I will be eating
    more greens in my diet and drinking more water. Your session with me will guide me in the right direction. Selecting the right food is important to me because I know this will be the one thing that will help me the most in taking care of my body. the breathing exercise you showed has helped so much. When I have a busy day and I am tired at night I use this breathing exercise to relax me and it is easier to fall asleep. What will motlvate me is that you care about people and you want the best for them. That’s what I felt when you were talking to me. I have made a promise to myself and with your help and God’s helpI will reach my goal. Lose weight and be healthy. Thank you so much. Martha

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