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    Kate is by far the ONLY person who has sustainably helped me start to reach my fitness goals and start to feel healthy again! After all the money I wasted on other attempts to lose weight I never would have thought a program like hers existed for the price! It has been the least expensive thing I have tried but also the only one with real results and that is sustainable! Plus there are so many other positives about this program than just weight loss. This is a lifestyle. If you are looking to just be happier in life in general and feel healthier then you have to contact her! She is also super quick to answer any questions you may have! ❤️

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    Kate really knows her stuff! She’s my go-to person when it comes to nutrition. And the best part, she truly cares about your well-being and helping you in every way that she can.

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    Kate is so helpful and encouraging! She is exactly who you want with you on your Keto journey. I paid for Keto 101 and learned so much and loved the daily check ins so now I am doing Keto 102…pretty sure I will stay on as far as it goes ? Keto 125? Sign me up!

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    Helped me out in so many ways – can’t say enough about it!

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    I watched Kate’s videos about Ketogenic living for awhile; probably months. Finally I decided that I had done enough watching, and wanted to try it myself. The food she cooked always looked amazing, simple and delicious! While watching the videos of her food, I would sit there and say to myself, “I could literally eat that every day”!
    For years I had been addicted to sugar, but primarily because of my ignorance. I didn’t realize what I was doing to my body. This program isn’t just a diet. It is a life changing educational experience that has turned me into a FAT BURNER!! I have learned so much by watching the videos, and following the program (Which is super simple in my opinion. Uhhh, eat delicious food?….OK, no problem!) At my last physical, my doctor gave me the news that my inflammation is down to a healthy level, my visceral fat levels have gone down, and that per my ultrasound of my carotid artery, I no longer have plaque accumulation!
    Kate does such an amazing job of supporting me every single day, no matter what kind of day it is. She holds me accountable in a way that I need, but gives me the encouragement to go forward even after those rough days. I am down 25 lbs in 8 weeks, and I have a lifetime of healthy and Keto living to go! I LOVE this program!

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    Kate is amazing and extremely supportive. Thanks to her motivation, meal plans, and thanks to her pushing me to believe in myself I have been able to lose 35 lbs and I’m still going!
    My motivation was my upcoming wedding, but now it’s just to keep feeling as great as I do now! I never realized how addicted I was to carbs and sugars before. Thank you Kate for opening my eyes to a lifestyle I can actually stick to!

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