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    My journey with Rich began 6 months before my wedding day. As you can imagine, I wanted to make sure that I looked great in my dress. However, I also wanted to be strong and healthy. My dad had great success with working with Rich and I decided to give it a shot.

    Instantly, I felt confident that Rich was equipped with knowledge about how to work out and challenge me. He emphasized how this was a lifestyle and not a quick fix. I really appreciate this approach because so many fad diets out there promise results, but they do a lot of damage to your body and do not leave you stronger and healthier. The difference between Rich and other trainers is that he does not just give you your workout and send you on your way, but he genuinely cares about what the challenges or situations are in your life that make it difficult to be consistent with eating right or keeping you motivated to workout. He then modifies things to your needs, but continues to leave room to push you past what you believe you can do. I personally was struggling with my mindset about my self-image and Rich made it a point to also check in with me in that area and helped put those thoughts to rest by providing killer workouts that made me feel empowered. I have always been challenged with my workouts created by Rich and most importantly I have become so much stronger since working with him. He is not just your trainer, but he is your motivator and friend. Signing up to work with Rich is something you will not regret.

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    My name is Linda. 3 years ago I took a good look at myself and decided I didn’t want to go into “old age” (I was 64) being fat, out of shape, and on drugs to get by, so I did something about it, and working with Rich was a part of it. I was scared and certain I was the biggest, most ungainly person ever to try to “work out”! I found out working with Rich didn’t matter what shape I was in, what mattered was what shape I could get to be in! He evaluated what I could do, what physical limits I had, and got me going with exercises I could do, and encouragement to do them. As time went by and I slowly got into better shape, he kept adjusting my work outs to keep challanging me, but always within my abilities. It worked!! I am now 2 dress sizes smaller, pounds lighter, and feel much better! Even my doctor wanted to know what I had done to improve my health so much! I used to look at a workout as something I HAD to do. I now look at my work outs as something that is a part of what I do in my life to take care of myself. When I look at what I can do now, verses what I could do when I started, I am amazed! and pleased! It is too bad I waited so long to start, but I did start, and it has made a big difference to my life. I know that a major part of me continuing once I did start was Rich. He is a very knowledgable professional who does a wonderful job with all of his clients. He is also a friend who cares about me and my family. With his help and guidance, I will continue to take care of my body and continue to get healthier and stronger.

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    I have worked with Rich, the Online Fitness Pro for 3 years now and he has worked wonders with me (a self-proclaimed hopeless case) ! He never gives up, he always takes a new and interesting track, and he is always happy to see me when I show up for workouts! Rich understands a lot about nutrition, and easily understands the language of aches and pains. He makes sure you leave a workout session feeling better and more energetic than when you came in. I “could” join the gym a 1/2 a mile down the road from me for only $10.00 a month. If I go 20 times a month, I could get a 10.00 refund! That means FREE! However, I choose not to belong to this “gym” mainly because I don’t know what I am doing, and THEY don’t know what they are doing, which is a double formula for terrible injury. I would certainly wind up worse off than I started. Also, no one at this popular gym will hold you accountable. They could give a flying flip if you workout or not! So, having a personal fitness coach is certainly preferable. Rich monitors my fitness progress, intercepts the aches and pains, tailors a fitness program just for me, kicks my ass when I need to show up more, and gives me the encouragement I need to go to the next level. He also understands when I don’t feel my best. This is important because, after all, we are not always able to be on top of our game. In life, you get what you pay for. I certainly don’t want a workout to leave me feeling achy and tortured. With Rich, you will get a good, wholesome workout that will leave you energetic, more flexible, and determined to return. Results can be measured in pounds and inches, but more importantly in self-worth.

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