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  1. 5.0

    Great workout! Definitely could feel it the next day, but in a good way. Josh was great and fun to work with!

  2. 5.0

    I was slightly skeptical about the whole 10 minute thing. Wow! Fantastic! I’m a believer. Started out with the leg press. 1 set and my legs felt like rubber. Takes 6 sets of heavy squats to get that same feeling. Don’t try and drive right away, get your feeling back first. Next was chest press. I love the negative phase trying to push against the weight. Back row gave a good pump. Tricep extension was interesting, again the negative phase can’t be easily replicated in the gym. I’m looking forward to tracking the results for my son and I. The place looks great. Clean, crisp. I’m looking forward to trying out the other equipment but I was pretty worn out after the 4 sets.

  3. 5.0

    Unreal. My 18 year old son and I hit this Friday and all I can say is I couldn’t stand up immediately and the (good sorta) burn lasts 3 days later. Might be more this is day 3. I would have to bust my a$$ to get a workout like that in a traditional gym and would take a ton longer. We were both skeptical at first but after experiencing this workout I wish I had this idea, no doubt it’s real. I want to own a Quantify Fitness!!!!! This will be big everywhere! Won over and Bullet Proof!

  4. 5.0

    Better health through science! First workout today. 6 minutes later and I felt like I often did after an hour of workouts in the gym. What I look forward to is seeing my progress over time- something that’s more difficult to quantify using normal methods. This workout fits in my schedule with work and family.

  5. 5.0

    We have been twice now and are believers. It delivers and leaves you feeling like you spent hours in the gym when in fact it’s only taken 10 minutes.

  6. 5.0

    This is for real! Maximum workout benefits in 10 minutes! YES! I call this my “Working Mom Work-Out”! There’s even a kid area! I’m hooked.

  7. 5.0

    I love everything about this place! This morning Josh (the owner) took time to help me with some weight loss goals. His knowledge of percentages, the right fat/protein/carb ratios to work on and crave busting suggestions helped me get refocused on reaching my goals. I can’t wait to see the results now that I understand more about the science behind it all. (And can’t wait to try out the coconut butter cups!)

  8. 5.0

    Wow! One visit and I am a believer. Finally a good workout that doesn’t require hours at the gym. I am already looking forward to my next workout…ONE WEEK…yes I said ONE WEEK from now. Haven’t been this excited about working out in years.

  9. 5.0

    What a great workout! It felt like I spent 45 min in a HIIT class but I was in and out in 16 min. Josh is very patient and informed which was great because I had alot of questions. The machines where are awesome and I can easily work it into my pretty crazy schedule.

  10. 5.0

    2 workouts in the books and I am really impressed so far! Its kind of hard to believe (i didn’t until I tried!) that 3 movements in under 10 mins can give you a total body workout that’s so challenging. This technology is really amazing! Go try for yourself!!

  11. 5.0

    My qfit journey so far: 1st Rep: This is cool, I am strong! 3rd Rep: “Please make it stop! Why are you doing this to me?” After workout/day of: “Not sure I am going to make it./What have I done to myself?” Day After: “It hurts…Josh is clearly a sadist” 2nd Day After: “Still hurts, but I feel stronger, humph…I might need to do this again.”

  12. 5.0

    I travel a good bit and working out is difficult. I was a skeptic – but after running through a couple workouts at Quantify I am sold. Kicked my butt after a few minutes. 10 minutes of this stuff is no joke. I can see this being great across a wide spectrum of people – from hardcore gym-rats that have plateaued and/or are looking to find some extra time during the week to beginners that don’t like traditional gyms and also want to avoid injury. Definitely hitting this place whenever I am in town.

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