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    I have been using CalMag C for almost 2 years and it is definitely one of the best products on the market!

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    I love Calmag-C. I take it almost every day. It works. Helps me to sleep better and be relaxed.

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    I love this stuff.! When I first started taking Cal-Mag I did not expect any major changes as I did not feel I had trouble sleeping or relaxing. However, after a couple of days I noticed that I was very calm and had been having the best sleep ever. Once my wife saw the results, it was like, give me some of that too. Even our children are taking sips of this wonderful brew. Calm, calm and calm!

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    I try to never miss taking Cal-Mag C nightly before I go to bed. I’ve been taking if for almost 10 years. It help relax from a stressful day and sleep better. It also helps with my muscle and joint aches. It taste great cold or hot.

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    This is my favorite Calmag formula!
    I drink it daily since 2 years, sleep well, and used it more generously when I had tooth aches to great relief.
    And its lemony taste is even good
    Strongly recommended

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    I love Cal-Mag C. I put some in a cup of tea every day. It makes me calmer and helps me to sleep better.

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    There are many calcium and magnesium products on the market but none compare with the quality and effectiveness of this product in my opinion. I highly recommend you give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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    I have been using Instant Cal-Mag off and on for the last several years. I notice when I am not having a cup in the evening I will start to get leg cramps at night. Once I resume with a cup of cal-mag in the evening the cramps are gone. Another positive point I experience is very deep and restful sleep. This is a product that really contributes to a better physical condition and quality of life!

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    I’ve been taking Cal Mag C for some years now and it really helps to keep down the general aches and pains of the body. It has a wonderful taste, and it’s so easy to make. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  10. 5.0

    Great company, very service oriented and gets it right or makes it right.

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    This particular preparation is my favorite because it’s the only one I can see is truly being absorbed! Thanks SO much for creating an incredible product!

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    This product it’s made with high quality contents besides care on the make
    It really helps me with muscle pain and gives me comfort physically thru the day the best part it’s really tasty ?

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    I have been taking CalMagC for 11 years now and with very pleasant results:
    Muscles are relaxed, feet and legs don’t cramp after long walks.
    At one point my husband had a “frozen shoulder” – most probably from overuse at his computer – and with a tripple dose if this drink plus a Gandrup if Omeaga 3 fishoil capsules he skept well again and could use hus arm.
    Noone should becwithout this supplement, it works!

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    Calmag C help me so much.Taking one cup before bedtime makes me sleep so deep and i wake up very relaxed. It also helped me handling musclepain and cramps, caused my heavy menes. I love the fact that Calmag C is easily to mix, just hot water, stir and go. The good taste caused by Vitamin C is delicious.
    Thank you for introducing me to this product i can highly recommend it.

    warm regards Katja Krebs

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    Cal-Mag works like magic. I sleep in deep fluffy cottonwool. When you realize that modern living depletes minerals that are vital to well-being, then this drink is essential.

  16. 5.0

    Cal mag is so important for your body. You can stop searching for the best one that is simple to make.

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    I have been using CalMag C for a few months now and honestly can’t imagine not being able to have it. Unlike some other products it does not depend mainly on magnesium thankfully as my body is very sensitive to excess magnesium which gives me very unpleasant side-effects.
    Before using CalMag C I used to wake up with headaches almist daily and I tried various sleep pillows and neck contraptions but since using CalMag C I rarely get one of these headaches. I recommend it highly!

  18. 5.0

    CalMagC is the bomb. It really calms me down. Great at bedtime.

  19. 5.0

    Fantastic Product. I have used this product for quite some time. It is very calming and it helps me
    sleep. Would not use anything else.Highly recommend this product.

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    Using Cal-mag during my back injury helped me heal faster and sleep better.

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    Excellent way to get a highly bioavailable form of calcium and magnesium into your body.

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    I have used CalMag-C for many years now. I have found it to be very effective in handling exhaustion and general body aches and pains. I also find it is very effective in handling withdrawal syndromes such as from too much coffee or any other addiction.
    CalMag-C is also very good when I need a good sleep or when I want to relax the body after some heavy exercise for instance.

  23. 5.0

    I love this product!! I have pinched nerves in both shoulders, and when I take this regularly, they don’t “pinch”. Lifesaver! 🙂

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