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    When I first came to Rounbox I had just torn my hamstring. I was in an incredible amount of pain and was struggling to do basic movements. With the extensive work I did with my coach Curt Ligot I was able to regain my pre-injury form and repeat to MMA competition, in which I continued to enlist Roundbox as my primary strength and conditioning location. This is an absolutely fantastic place to train from all athletic levels and sports. 5 stars!!!

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    The fitness routines are explosive, dynamic and fluid. Always changing, never static. I feel the full body movements have not only helped my golf game, but also activities of normal daily life. Whether it be moving up and down the stairs, being more flexible or even just moving around freely without pain. His gym is located in Beacon Hill and is easy to get to. Curt is an excellent trainer and he’ll get you in great shape!

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    Incredible workout! After a couple sessions I could begin to tell the difference in my strength and flexibility as I would progress through the motions with more force than when I first started. The biggest difference is that I noticed was in my daily activities. I had more flexibility and energy throughout the day. Some of my best days come after a morning Roundbox session.

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