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  1. 5.0

    I am a woman of many virtues. But when it comes to working out, I am lazy. During pregnancy, when my thighs started to expand and I couldn’t blame all the gain on baby weight, I hired Lisa to come over, and get my butt off the couch. Lisa never pushed me beyond what was safe for the baby and me, (we monitored my heart rate and I made sure always to drink a lot of water), rather she inspired me to be in the best shape I could be, for the pregnancy and the labor. It’s now 8 years later (!) Lisa has taught me to always make time for my health and my fitness, no matter what the demands of my busy life. I so value Lisa’s dedication, friendship, and expert advice in keeping me fit and fabulous at 45!

  2. 5.0

    Lisa has been my trainer for years — 16 or so. Before I met her, I hadn’t worked out at all since high school, but she has managed to keep me fit and motivated, and make it fun. She really knows about fitness and nutrition, and keeping it safe.

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