Is Massage Therapy a Good Career For Me?

Chances are that if you are looking into massage therapy as a carrier, then its probably a good fit for you. If there is already something about this field that attracts you, it’s certainly a good sign. Maybe you are seeking a new professional challenge that will give you financial security in an exciting area. Perhaps helping people is one of your career goals.

However you may still be wondering if massage therapy is a good carrier path for you. If that’s the case, stick around! We will explore more about what makes massage an appealing job for so many people.

Qualities of a Good Massage Therapist

If you are looking into this field, then its pretty likely you already possess some of these qualities. As in any carrier, there are key defining qualities that make up a good massage therapist. Here are a few traits that make up a good massage therapist:

  • Working with and helping people is a professional goal of yours.
  • You have a caring and empathetic personality and enjoy listening to others.istock 504855650mtcareers crop3
  • You thrive on close contact with other people.
  • You care about your own health and wellness, as well as that of others.
  • You would prefer to work part of the day on your feet.
  • Having a flexible work schedule appeals to you.
  • You picture yourself working in a setting like a spa, hospital, fitness center or private practice.
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and would love to market yourself or a business.

Obviously these aren’t the only characteristics of a good massage therapist, but they are some of the most common ones. If you find yourself relating to any of these statements, chances are massage therapy is a good career for you.

Daily Life of a Therapist

If helping people every day interests you, then massage therapy is a good career for you. Having that drive to help people is the first requirement for becoming a massage therapist. There are many other careers that allow you to help people on a daily basis. Social work, nursing, customer service, childcare; the list goes on.

However unlike professions like nursing or social work, you can often obtain a degree in less than twelve months. Imagine yourself in an exciting new profession at this time next year! Not only that, massage therapy allows for a flexible schedule. Additionally, many massage therapists are sole practitioners. That means massage therapy is a great career for people with an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy all aspects of running a business. If flexibility and independence appeal to you, then massage therapy is a great carrier choice.

Explore Your Options

Massage therapy also offers many opportunities to further your career! Consider specializing in a specific type of massage or technique. You can specialize in:

  • Swedish massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Thai massage
  • Sports massage
  • Tui na
  • Hot stone massage
  • Acupressure

You can always learn more about massage therapy by going back to massage therapy school. If you have a massage therapy school in your area, talk to the admissions department. See if you can drop in on a class or speak to graduates of their program to find out more about being in school for massage therapy.

The Takeaway

In short, if you are already drawn to massage therapy it’s definitely a good career option for you. It offers independence, flexibility, and so much more!

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