In this video Brad Smith Owner of HylthLink explains how to maximize your profits for your Health and Fitness Business.

It’s our goal to find and connect the most trusted health & fitness experts and businesses worldwide.

In this HylthLink video Brad Smith will be speaking about how to maximize your local profits:

1. Capture
2. Give
3. Offer
4. Sell

We have found great results by capturing a clients contact info online when they first sign up. Have the client fill out a health assessment on their first consultation right on your website. Once they hit submit you should have their info go right to an automated autoresponder through e-mail or text message.

Next after you’ve captured their contact information online through your website you need to give them relevant tips and resources based on your local business model. You can give them tips on how to better their health or send them videos to help them with their fitness goals.

After you’ve provided the client with a ton of value, you’ll need to send them information on the extra products that you will be offering. Tell them exactly what it is and how it can help them. You can even send out free samples or test offers so they can see if they like the extra products you are offering them.

After you’ve captured their info online, send them some amazing content and then send them your offers and deals. You will need to next sell the product to them face to face. Tell them how you use it and how it helps you. Also tell them about other clients that are using the products and how it has helped them.

This is the most effective way we have found to make extra income in your business. Make sure to find the most relevant and highest quality products to offer your clients. Build your business so you can easily send them quality information through e-mail or text, send them quality content to keep them engaged, provide great deals and offers and then sell them on the missing problem in bettering their physical health.

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