In this video Brad Smith owner of HylthLink interviews a top fitness expert Michelle Lores.

HylthLink is looking for the most trusted health and fitness professionals throughout the world. This interview is with a trusted fitness expert in Miami Florida Michelle Lores.

Eclectic mix of Olympic Lifting, Boxing, Yoga, Dance & Endurance training designed for full ROM, confuse the body, awaken the senses, test inner strength.

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Hey how’s it going everyone Brad Smith
here with HylthLink and i am
connecting the top health experts
worldwide I’m here with another awesome
health expert Michelle owner of LaTigresa
fitness I know I butchered it but I
thought I’d try
you’ve been really well let’s begin open
ok perfect see I knew you do much better
than me with that so Michelle how are
you today thank you so much for joining
with me with for this interview thank
you I’m blessed and honored to be here
with you
well sounds like you have a great
fitness company you know you’re working
throughout the world or United States
you’re located in Miami um if you could
just tell the audience – Michelle is who
Michelle is I am a person who’s
discovering myself every day and someone
who comes from a very difficult life and
I’ve been able to overcome that and so
through my wisdom I’m able to help other
people discover really those associated
portions of themselves and just to step
into the pocket and the line once again
ok well tell me I’m kind of your story
and you said you grew up it was a
trouble in the past tell me a little bit
about that and of how that led to you
and the fitness industry ok great well I
grew up I mean I was born in Dominican
Republic and then my my family ended up
moving to a tiny little town in the
middle of nowhere in northern British
Columbia Canada so it’s a place really
where it’s not only cold on the outside
but it makes you feel like you’re you’re
cold of bearing on the inside like
there’s no opportunity for you like you
cannot become anybody because you are in
the middle like literally in the middle
of nowhere and you know I was always
into sickness always into the arts and
and I never allowed my environment to
determine the outcome of my life what
that would be and did I was my family
life was very very difficult for me
there was a lot of abuse going on there
and I ended up moving out of my home at
14 years old and I could have become a
statistic but you know I think I find
that the presence of God in my life has
really seen me through and allowed to
I became the youngest talent agent in
Canada I was a stunt woman and always
just found that I had a passion to to
expel this energy that I had within me
because I knew that I had this gift but
I didn’t really know what it was and so
I like pulling things out I kept
discovering more about myself the way
that I got into into the health industry
was really it was a calling because I
didn’t know that all of the things that
were happening in my life were preparing
me to be able to to bring my knowledge
my wisdom and just in this vision that I
have to the world and share it with
other people I comment on what I’m gonna
stop you right there because it says a
woman I’m sorry stop when we need a good
yeah well ultimately a little bit about
that real quick before we get into the
health industry I can stop you right
there okay sure
well like I said I’ve always been a very
physical person because I’ve always had
so much energy inside of me and I had to
find a way to get that out what does
that be you know playing sports or dance
art whatever it could be I just had to
get get that out of me and I was
approached one day I used to do extra
work and all types of things that I
would dance for for big-time majors like
DJ tiësto and did promo modeling and I
data I was a showgirl you know so I had
a had a little bit ace of everything and
then I was approached to do a major
motion picture with the extra I’m not
going to say her name on phantom even
they don’t have to feel but I just want
to know this video yeah I got to do some
really cool stuff actually I learned
capoeira for one film another film I got
to work with artificial intelligence
that they have robots and it was just
really cool but yeah that’s
another little thing that I got to do
well that’s awesome so you feel like you
know going through your your whole life
you were kind of being prepared to get
into the fitness industry and help
others so there’s that why you created
your your fitness business I mean to be
honest I fell into this literally God
was always calling me to do this and I
always mentioned God because that is
that support front of my my business I
feel like training people body and
helping them with nutrition it’s a tool
really so that I can train something
that is immaterial there’s something
that you learn when you when you take a
physiology class and you learn it is the
internal forces that repel the effort of
the external forces that activates them
when we lift weight with our body I
really use that to show them how you can
lift the weight from within you because
11 times our body tells us things that
we don’t recognize are happening with us
emotionally spiritually and mentally so
it’s really about totality of fitness
yeah we actually talk about that being
holistic holistic there you go yeah we
you and I talked about it before on the
interview and it sounds like you do a
whole lot more you offer that full realm
of health to somebody um tell me a
little bit about what you can offer
somebody and how you work with them all
those different areas of the health yeah
of course
well I mean I’d like to say that I’m a
jack of all trades and master of none so
I just give people what they need I’m a
giver if they need to train their body I
have a very eclectic range of different
types of movements that I do is my body
and then I bring that to them just
really basically dependent on the need
of the client I do massage and I with
nutrition I go with them to the grocery
store I cook with them I pray with them
I spend a lot of intimate time with my
clients as well as I have a systemic
approach to things so I will I’m also a
writer so I do provide
my clients with a workbook that they can
I want them to learn the method and I
want them to eventually be able to grow
and expand upon that on their own so I
just give them the tools that they need
and for their body for their mental
health and for their spiritual health so
that they can take their life to the
next level
you’re just taken over that whole whole
personalized approach which is awesome
so you actually will go to the grocery
store and help them cook then I mean
that’s that’s a great way I want them to
be educated in nutrition I want them to
know why they’re putting it into their
body ala Spanish is not the time being
and things because everything is about a
rhythm life is over them and if you you
know if you’re out of beat then you’re
not really going to get to where you
need to go yeah you also said you you
travel a lot and you’ll travel to these
clients tell me a little bit about your
range and you know how exactly if you go
to their home you go to their grocery
store tell me how that works well I mean
if it’s a client that’s local then it’s
great my program it’s a 28-day cycle so
I whip them the message and that’s going
to be the title of my book the method is
everything in life and cyclic so I like
my clients to commit to a 28-day cycle
where I will spend at least three hours
a day with them and and yeah I will go
to the house I’ll go to their pantry
I’ll go to the refrigerator and I’ll bet
some help you know you could be making
better choices I do very thorough a
health check before we begin a program
so that I can really divide something
that’s going to help them individually
it’s not really a cookie cutter type of
program is individualized to each person
but I am willing to travel you know
because I did work in the film industry
I have a lot of hands-on experience
factor there was you know the athletes
sorry my English is not that great with
athletes and things like that and some
of them they really I work with people
who have a goal you know and they’re
willing to do what it takes to meet that
goal and then I mean want to go there to
hold their hand so you know make myself
available for that
well I think it’s great that you have
the you know the film industry in the
past or and even right now you work with
athletes and you you’ve been an athlete
before you probably still are so you
know I think it’s really good that you
have that experience so now it’s a more
personalized approach and you know
exactly what you should be doing with
these potential clients or clients that
you have I think that’s really great
yeah so um tell me a little bit about a
success story that you have maybe
somebody that you’ve worked with in the
past or their success before after
working with you
well I mean as I was telling you before
a lot of the biggest successes that I’ve
had I haven’t been on a clock but I’m
expecting that you know the best thing
that you can do for somebody is to give
them good advice and I tell my clients
all the time you know I can you can’t in
jest my body but you can ingest my words
and anybody who’s good at anything that
they do is through instruction because
it’s through the words that use they get
the power I like to think the homeless a
lot so I think some of the most
rewarding testimonials that I’ve gotten
is from them
one comment man who’s blind and I took
him to my house and he spent the night
and he you know took a shower and all of
these things and the next time that I
saw the man he was stuck on his feet and
so I get emotional and he ended up you
know changing his diet and getting us
all which is really difficult for a
blind man and he was older and he said
to me you know you changed my life
because you showed me that there are so
people out there that care you know and
I think that in our industry if you
don’t have that compassion then it can
be effective I think that success story
is great because it has really has
nothing to do with you being in the
fitness industry it just has to do with
that full realm that you’re offering
people you know mental physical and the
holistic approach also which is really
great somebody somebody really needs to
change their life they need to take
action on every stage so is that the
three stages that you kind of focus on
six mental and physical yeah I physical
systemic and spiritual health and I’m
going to give you a story a big me that
but I’m you know I’m very humble in my
approach because I feel like everybody
has a seed inside of them and and that
can grow into an oak tree you know and
that’s what it’s about
yeah that that’s awesome now I want to
forgot to ask you let me step one one
way back you said you go in and you look
through their fridge in their cabinet
now will you actually go in there and
throw things away
I won’t throw them away no they have to
do that on their own but what I will do
is I will give them the motivation to do
it on do it themselves you know but I
just give them the knowledge I think you
know wisdom comes through the experience
but knowledge comes to hearing and
hearing comes through the word so if I
can give if I can share with them my
knowledge then that keeps them the tools
to make better decisions for themselves
yeah maybe they won’t but and no you
know that what they’re ingesting isn’t
doing them justice it’s not really going
to be what is the word it’s not going to
proliferate a healthy life yeah maybe
next up we’re at the grocery store they
will decide not to buy that because
they’ll remember you pointing that out
to them but they shouldn’t have that so
that that’s awesome alright what if
somebody wants to work with you what’s
the best way for them to start bottling
you seeing your work thing working with
others what’s the best way for someone
to get a hold of you find you I think
definitely social media we have is this
great outfit which is the web and we
have that at our fingertips almost
everybody has a smartphone so definitely
check out my Instagram and my Facebook
post I share a lot of stuff for the
general public on there check out my
website I’m going to be launching my new
website student with an on program
that’s going to be available to the
masses and look for my books coming soon
I think that’s going to be a great tool
for everybody to have so you have the
28-day program that you’re going to have
on the website and then what’s the name
of the book again
sorry what’s the name of the book going
to be a message except it was different
return it this is a method alright so
we’ll keep our eye out for that and
we’ll post all your links below the
video so somebody wants to start
following Michelle I really want to
encourage you to you’ll get some
motivation and disease the really cool
things that you’re doing not only in
Miami but also working with people
around the world Michelle thank you so
much for joining me for the interview
and we look forward to following you and
keep connecting ruv please


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