1. Who We Are:

We are Brad and Danielle Owners and Founders of HylthLink. We are former Coaches, Trainers, Nutritionists and Physical Therapy Specialists. We created HylthLink because of a car accident we were in 3 years ago.

We knew after multiple injuries from the car accident that we couldn’t be on our feet all day helping others get healthy. So we decided to create HylthLink so that we could have more flexibility and still be able to help others get healthy on a daily basis.

It wasn’t easy going from athletes to injured players. We were used to a life of great health, motivation and living pain free.  We never thought about what our future would be like if we were in to much pain to live our daily life.

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2. What We Did To Lower Our Pain:

HylthLink Pain TestAs Health Coaches we were already knowledgeable about helping others with their pain. So the first thing we did was test how our bodies responded to all the techniques we were telling others about.

We tried many solutions, some worked but most didn’t. But what we realized is everyone and every injury is different. Now we know that one technique for injury relief doesn’t work for everyone and we were willing to find what would work best for our individual injuries.


 3. So What Should You Do To Relieve Your Pain?

This won’t be the first time you look for ways to relieve your daily pain and injuries, but we hope it will be the last time. Our goal is to help change lives and help you become a healthier person.

We included a Pain Test on HylthLink to help you find what’s causing your pain. We are also including a FREE report & resource guide that reveals 5 tips we used to relieve our pain in just one day.

After you complete our short survey we will evaluate your answers and score. This will help us determine what report we should send you on how to lower your daily pain. Please fill out the survey the best you can so we can do our best to help you change your life.

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