Playspaces and playgrounds should be safe for kids of all ages, inviting, conducive to a variety of activities. Yet schools are mostly built without enough or no budgeting for play spaces. With the passage of time, poorly built playgrounds tend to show their wear and tear.

Playgrounds All Play and All Fun

Therefore, playgrounds should be built with the best possible material and equipment. On top of that, they need to be constantly upgraded, like new paint coating every couple of months, new basketball hoops, new nets, etc.

What playgrounds should be like?

Research indicates that children learn more when they play. It is also observed that the enhancement of cognitive abilities and development of key life skills is tied with how a kid is allowed to explore his/her curiosity and creativity. Playgrounds should provide a space where children feel safe and feel free to explore what they want. This will not only allow them to be more physically active but also nourish their mental capacity.

What you can do as a parent?

If you find out that the playground at your kid’s school is not up to the mark then you have every right to be furious. By all means, feel free to reach out to other parents and schedule a meeting with the school’s administration. You can also ask the district for more funds. If there are limited resources and the school cannot manage to hire professionals to build an amazing playground then there is still a lot that you can do. You should ask other parents and gather some volunteers for building the playground yourself.

How can we build an amazing playground?

Following are some of the tips which will help you get started;

  • Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of elbow grease. Enlist as many volunteers as you can from the school community as well as local businesses.
  • See if your school or district allows shared use of the playground with the community outside of school hours. In exchange, see if the park district, a nearby church, a non-profit or a parent group will help fund the renovation.
  • Hit up a local home improvement store to donate paint or other supplies. Simply repainting and repairing the playground so all the equipment can be fully utilized can make an enormous difference.
  • Another good use of paint is painting games on the blacktop to allow for more structured play activities, such as four square, hopscotch, and basketball.
  • You might also consider building new benches or a garden bed for students to plant vegetables and herbs. These projects can be tackled by volunteers and are functional while also beautifying the space.
  • Make sure the playspace provides access for kids with disabilities to enjoy as well.

What if we don’t have enough time for all this?

If you have a tight schedule then you can simply send your kids to a facility which provides everything which a playground has to offer. Gantry Kids & Teens is an amazing fun place for your child to be active and grow. If you would like to inquire more than feel free to contact us.

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