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Brad Smith the owner of HylthLink interviews and speaks with the most trusted health and fitness experts throughout the world. Join us while we interview a top rated health professional in Santa Cruz, California.

Health is yours for the taking! Use my site and my book, Choosing Health, as your resource for fitness and nutrition information.

Rebecca Hazelton is a nutritionist and holistic health coach specializing in identifying & eliminating stressors that prevent optimal health so her clients can feel great again. Learn more about what Rebecca has to offer by clicking the links above, checking out her videos, or reading her books.

+ Intelligent energy management and stress reduction.
+ Customized nutrition plans based on each person’s unique metabolic patterns.
+ Customized fitness plans & posture assessments to empower each client to gain strength, mobility, balance, and confidence to participate physically in their day to day lives.
+ Investigating root causes of health complaints to best provide dietary and lifestyle support for healing opportunities.
+ Providing testing for hormones, digestive imbalances, food intolerance, and much more~provide functional interpretations of test results to identify malfunctions.

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Hey guys thank you so much for joining
us today Brad Smith here with HylthLink!

I’m joined with Rebecca Hazleton
how are you today Rebecca awesome Brad
thanks great to be here with you yeah
thank you so much for joining me you’re
the owner of functional health and your
nutritionist and holistic health coach
correct correct yeah you could just just
tell the audience a little bit about you
know who you are and what your business
offers ah thank you so I am a working
mom in Santa Cruz area Bay Area and I’m
super passionate about helping others to
get a hold on their self-care so that
they can feel connected to their bodies
they can put great energy out into the
world they can feel awesome they can
have energy to do what they love and so
I have a variety of ways that I support
them to do that and you know really
coach up like how they’re taking care of
themselves in a way that feels
manageable with all the other things
that they have to do that’s awesome and
thank you so much for providing that you
know a lot of people need need the
coaching and the help especially when
they get to a point where they they need
just need someone to be there for them I
think that’s great now what’s cool as
you work online mostly you do phone
calls and you even told me you have
people you help in Florida here tell us
about the coaching program yeah yeah
it’s great I am able to work with people
all over the world I do have three or
four clients in Florida that are
wonderful and so this this type of
coaching it’s really about two people
connecting with a shared vision and a
shared goal so you don’t need to be
face-to-face to do that in fact I have a
lot of clients that live really close to
me that we actually meet over the phone
what’s interesting is that sometimes
when you’re sharing deep things and you
know you’re really like soul searching
and making these personal growth leaps
when you don’t have another person in
front of you it’s almost like you have a
deeper level of permission to be honest
and to really go deeper
I’ve worked you know I started my
business in 2001 so I’ve done lots of
face to face that was what I did for
many years and so I do have that
comparison of how it feels from my
perspective but also that shared opinion
of my clients where you know they’ve had
both sides of the coin and they’re able
to tell me like this is really effective
over the phone and sometimes I can say
things that I might be embarrassed to
say if I were right in front of you do
you think they’re more honest with you
also I do i with themselves and
therefore with me and you know that’s
not true of everyone some people are
just black they’ll say whatever it
doesn’t matter
open or a person totally yes because I
love to do it online yeah so when when
someone reaches out to you what what’s
kind of like the first consultation like
it’s obviously going to be over the
phone if they’re not near you that’s you
just kind of ask them some questions
about them tell us what that first
consultation or first phone calls what
yeah well the very first film Wow
there’s usually a little bit of an email
exchange that precedes that that puts us
in touch so when someone connects with
me through my website for example I have
a couple of questions that are on my
contact page so that I can get a better
sense of them and what they’re after and
if I feel like it’s even worth taking to
the next level like if I you know can
help them and so I’ll reach out and
invite them opposite um okay um yeah so I
will I will contact them I will invite
them to book in a quick phone call with
me where I’ll ask a couple other
questions just were you regarding you
know what what are they after like what
what what do they need support with what
have they tried that you know maybe not
work for them you know just to get a
better sense of you know are we a good
match you know because there can be
health goals in health situations I’m
very familiar with but you know
sometimes they’re just not a good match
somebody’s expectation of the you know
what the what it’s going to look like
just doesn’t match with the reality and
what its gonna look like and so that’s a
great opportunity to just be honest and
say you know what I’m not the right
person for you with what you’re wanting
and I am very upfront about that because
I do feel like time is our absolutely
most valuable resource so if we decide
in a lot of times you know I have that
have a great connection with people and
and they feel that I really do want to
support them and so I’ll invite them to
the next stage which we get it’s a deep
dive into their best health and what
they really want for themselves what’s
been blocking them and what’s like the
first thing that they need to do to get
toward what they want that leads me to
my next question is what’s the common
situation or what’s the common thing
that they’re looking for extra help with
when they reach out to you that’s a good
question and the four that I see all the
time are weight loss yep digestive
issues you know some sort of gut you
know either bloating or gas or not being
able to go to the bathroom or going way
to my own gut stuff sleep issues and
energy issues okay so typically low
energy I don’t get too many people who
are you know god I just have way too
much energy can you he’ll never do that
No so those are the four things that I
repeatedly see am i growing this
digestif felt something new that’s come
up that’s really gained some popularity
you think it’s enough yeah the more
about it it’s definitely gained in
popularity it’s what it is it’s such an
interesting question because it’s not
new it didn’t have been known forever
right so you know in the other father of
medicine actually said that all health
begins in the guy all disease begins in
the gut so it’s not a new concept but it
is gaining momentum now because through
the increased stress of processed food
and really hectic work schedules and
all expectations and social media so
many reasons right we’re exposed to many
more toxins through our environment
through our food supply there’s
definitely a lot more people that are
getting symptoms at earlier ages what
about you know I know a lot of people in
the pack I mean everyone’s different but
the majority people in the past go to
your doctor has some what to do they
give you a prescription pill and you try
everything that they can I think it
worked a lot of the u.s. population is
starting to get to the point where those
pills aren’t working or you decided to
look for a different alternative and
maybe that’s where they come to you from
they’re looking somebody that may be
tried every step with doctors they tried
everything you’re trying to regain their
health lose weight digestive issues now
how important is it to have a coach or
somebody that knows the ins and outs of
the healthy lifestyle so important
because when you feel like you’re stuck
and there’s no way out
having someone shine a light for you and
saying this is here I’ll guide you come
on follow me
that it makes all the difference and you
know I want to comment on what you’re
saying about you know there’s there’s a
lot of people actually that comes to me
in exactly that way that you just
described where they have they feel
badly but there’s nothing diagnosed ibly
wrong with them and you know Western
medicine thank God for it
we really really need Western medicine
when we need to have a surgery if
there’s some life-threatening situation
that’s what we need it for but people
need to adjust their expectations about
what they’re going to get from their
doctor and so that’s the first step is
like if you go to your doctor you’re
either going to be diagnosed with a
disease or if you don’t have a disease
but you have a lot of dysfunction like a
breakdown of normal processes you’re
heading toward disease but you’re not
there yet then your doctors not going to
be able to do much there that’s not what
they’re trained that they are trained in
some very valuable things but they
prescribe medications and they can help
you manage symptoms sometimes through
and there they can conduct surgery but
they don’t deal in diet and lifestyle
and mo pretty much all disease is caused
through diet and lifestyle
issues so if you want a night and
lifestyle support which is what most
people need then you need to go to the
proper people that are going to be able
to accomplish that and that’s why so
many people want to go to a doctor they
leave really frustrated with a handful
of real prescriptions to deal with the
symptoms one of which is suppression
because they don’t have users yeah now
they have to go to the CVS all the time
get about you know that’s even going to
leave me in – one more thing about that
is a lot of people go to their doctors
first they seek that extra help and then
they get to the point where they think
they can do it on your on their own
which you mentioned before our interview
you see a lot of people that think
they’re only going to be successful if
they do it on their own but they’re not
diagnosing themselves on their own
they’re going to a doctor for the
professional help so I think it’s just
as important to find a coach that can
help you I’m take those extra steps with
your overall health is that something
you see many people trying to do it on
their own yes and what’s great is when
they actually arrive to me and they’re
ready to have their they’re open to the
conversation of like okay let’s do this
I want to actually get results I’m tired
of twiddling my thumbs life is too short
for us to not feel good and to not be
able to engage in the world in the way
that we are capable of so you know when
we’re when we’re not feeling well it
affects everything it affects our
personal relationships our family
dynamics our job you know any volunteer
work we’re doing or just how we’re
showing up in our community it affects
all of those things so we’re really
missing out on the life experience when
we aren’t feeling good when we’re
feeling distracted by the symptoms we’re
experiencing so low energy or having
digestive issues or not sleepy yes
that’s a really big problem or if we’re
just feeling really uncomfortable in our
body and we have too much body fat for
us to be able to do the activities we
love we’re missing out on the joy of
life so catching these with someone who
one team to succeed and live life fully
and like once to get you there as fast
as possible they have a mission to help
you like who wouldn’t want someone like
that on their side Rudy exactly yeah
okay so I want to move on I want to hear
your quick summary of your backstory
what got you started not only in the
industry but wanting to help others I
will try to keep this short Brad roll
along is good you know yeah I so I was
there with you like what really got me
started with wanting to help people as I
grew up with a father who was morbidly
obese and I saw him struggling you know
that joy lots of feeling joy in life
that who my dad was
like I saw him struggle every day every
time he had to go in public every time
he had to get up off the couch like
major challenges and it sucked you know
it’s like it’s a some really awful place
for someone to be and so I got really
inspired but by fitness and you know
would you know bust out push-ups and
like I just really an active person
probably overcompensating for what he
wasn’t able to do you know to some
degree so there was that passion that
was seated in me and so that’s what got
me started I graduated college I
immediately started studying to become a
personal trainer and to you know work in
the trenches with people and when
shortly after I was doing that my little
brother got really sick and he ended up
dying of cancer when he was 20 years old
no way Wow yeah we girls oh sorry to
have to say that yeah but he but he
really his struggle which is a two-year
struggle with cancer it really allowed
me to open up to how much more I wanted
to help people like on a deeper level
than what I was doing as a trainer and
so that’s what inspired me to pursue
becoming a licensed nutritionist and to
develop the programs I offer these days
I mean it was you know years of
developing those and you know learning
and getting in touch with people but
ultimately I really that’s where my
passions stemmed from was seeing my
family really struggle with their own
health I’m sorry you had to go through
that but you know the reason for the
question is we all have unique stories
on how we got into the industry but most
importantly why we want to keep helping
more people and yeah your story is right
there and I’m sure it helps you when you
start start out with new clients you
know one big thing I’ve heard when a new
client starts oh you’ve never had anyone
as bad as me or you’ve never would have
to do that it’s hopeless
you know and you’re sitting there like
yes I have so if you could just tell us
let’s success story that sticks out to
you or that really keeps you motivated
and keep working and helping people yeah
well I didn’t necessarily want the
success story to be myself but part of
the rest of the story is you know I was
my first client coming off of you know
major I developed health issues as a
result of the grieving process and
working way too many hours desperately
trying to help everyone and so I I had
my own health decline from that
experience and so going through
basically I had the tools with what I
had learned and I had some great mentors
and coaches because we shouldn’t do it
alone we don’t need to do it alone and
but the bulk of it I really was like my
own cheerleader and I used the tools
that I share with people now and I was
able to become healthier than I’d ever
been so and I have had some great
success stories with clients as well god
if I like one I’ve had clients you know
lose a hundred pounds that was super
inspiring I’ve had people who were
struggling to get pregnant get pregnant
because they rebuilt bills they they
helped to heal deficiency
and dysfunctions as the body is meant to
self-heal were designed to heal and be
healthy not the other way around
and so when you clear the stress and the
obstacles that are keeping people stuck
then those natural any self-healing
capabilities they jump in and take hold
and so those are some of the things I
witnessed people who were you know so
chronically sleep-deprived we were able
to uncover some factors that were
influencing that they had no idea
could even be affecting their sleep and
then they were able to sleep you know so
these are just a handful of examples
that have just been really powerful that
I know that I’m on the right path yeah
definitely all right you inspired me you
inspired the audience we’re all ready to
get started what’s the best place for us
or somebody watching to get started and
reach out to you yeah the best thing is
to contact me via my website choosing
health mouse comm don’t wait she was
help now they’re choosing help now calm
and they can hit me on the contact
button send me an email and I will get
right back to you and connect with you
okay awesome where are you the most
active at a lot of people like to get
started following you social media or
your even your website where are you the
most active I love the most frequently
active on my Facebook page
choosing health on Facebook and I have a
interactive newsletter that I send out
weekly so they can when you go to my
website if you want to just enter your
name you actually will get a free gift
and you’ll get my weekly newsletters
which always you know provide something
of value to help you to make those to
take some steps towards creating the
help that you want so it’s a great place
to start well thank you so much for
sharing your story in your business
Rebecca and we definitely recommend
anyone watching check out Rebecca
Hazleton I choose now choose health now
com we’ll make sure to post all your
links under or above the video depending
on what platform and we really want to
you guys to start you know checking
route and starting getting getting your
help back on track if you haven’t
started already so thank you so much
Rebecca and until the next show you later

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