I am looking for the most trusted business owners throughout the world. Please schedule your video interview:



Remember the goal of this interview is to show potential clients how you can help them accomplish their needs and goals, that’s my mission is to bring out your qualities as a trusted business owner to build trust with a potential client!
1. Summary of your business, what your business offers clients?
2. Background, why you started the business?
3. Types of clients you work with, call out the exact customers you are selling to.
4. One success story, add a success story to get a viewer excited.
5. Best place for a new client to get started with you, we will have links above or below video. Tell the viewer where to go and get traffic.


If you still have questions or concerns after looking this over please don’t hesitate to reach out via our live chat on the bottom left of HylthLink.com or reply back to our e-mails. Brad will make your interview as comfortable as possible and you’ll enjoy your time telling the world how you can help them better their life.


Once recorded we will write an article, create an audio version and send over the link for you to preview before it goes live. We will then broadcast your interview and article on our Top Rated Links blog, Facebook Business Page, Trusted Facebook Group and of course our YouTube Channel.

We are looking forward to speaking with you!

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