Watch our video webinar and see how Word of Mouth Referrals can benefit your business

Please watch this video webinar to learn how to grow your local referral network.

0:00-0:32: What is HylthLink?

0:32-2:23: Who is this service for?

2:23-3:20: What we will be covering during this video.

3:20-3:31: Our favorite quote by Richard Branson.

3:31-6:27: Who we are.

6:27-6:57: Why we started HylthLink.

6:57-7:19: Stop wasting your hard earned money and switch to word of mouth referrals!

7:19-9:31: Word of mouth referrals are always the best customer.

9:31-9:44: Ready for new clients and how we will get them to pay you.

9:44-10:59: How it works getting new clients from us and our team of Doctors.

10:59-13:35: Who is our team of Doctors and are they local?

13:35-15:04: How to set up a local referral network in your city.

15:04-15:16: Want to get paid for referrals? Get paid more, work less.

15:16-17:29: Get paid more money by helping your current clients get even healthier.

17:29-17:46: We want testimonials from you.

17:46-19:04: It’s our goal to help you grow your health business on our site.

19:04-19:10: What do you have to do now?

19:10-21:07: It’s time to get connected with our team.

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What You Can Expect

New clients referred to you that actually want to get healthy!
Receive completed health assessments along with the clients contact info.
Make up to $150 to refer people to check their health score on HylthLink.

What Our Friends Say:

What you can expect HylthLinkGreat Traffic, Great Clients! “I started working with HylthLink last year. After 3 months on their site I started getting over 2-3 new customers a month that have stayed with me ever since . Once they connected me with their doctors I started seeing real referrals that actually signed up.”

“We love the blood lab option for our facility. It is definitely one of the best referral programs we’ve used for our business. Our business has grown since we’ve started offering that full realm of health; fitness, nutrition & overall health.”

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