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Ways You Can Start Monetizing Your Website
Ways You Can Start Monetizing Your Website

Making money using websites is something a lot of people and companies have successfully done over the years. People have turned part-time work or hobbies and blogs into something that brings them income. It doesn’t need extreme steps or sacrifices, just some effort, and creativity.

Your initial aim should be to make enough just so you can cover the basics in terms of expenses such as whatever it might cost you to obtain a domain and hosting. It is important, to begin with understanding the numbers. Find out what traffic your website has and where it comes from. This will help build monetizing strategies that fit your current situation.

Google Analytics can be a huge help in figuring this part out. Analytics gives you the stats of how many page views of which specific keywords users have used to reach your website. This is detrimental to coming up with a good plan. And of course, your website needs to have quality content, else monetization is out of the question.

What we cover in this article:

1. Making money with ad networks

2. Affiliate marketing is worth exploring

3. Selling ad space

4. Sell services and products of your own

5. Donations and contributions can be asked

6. Memberships and subscriptions

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