We have all suffered from self-doubt at some point in our life. We have ideas, courage, and beliefs to live the life we truly want. We just struggle with not having every piece of the puzzle yet. Most of us don’t have a plan or blueprint for living the life they want and sometimes it is the source of all this confusion. Today we are going to discuss some of the possible reasons for doubt and how you can tackle them.

Why do you doubt

1. Doubt of what others may think of your plans

You want to become an artist, a software developer or start a consulting business. Maybe you are just thinking about a career change or try out something new, something you always wanted but were afraid to chase. Maybe you want to raise the stakes by going all-in with that special person who you love. And yet, once you want to move forward, you mentally get dragged backward and you are stuck in this struggle.


The solution is to commit to a two-step plan. Write and speak your plans and goals which you want to achieve in your life. The first step is to have the willingness and awareness for communicating these plans. The second step is to have the willingness and courage to act on what you believe. You need to find some time alone and repeat this exercise. Then you need to implement a routine which makes sure that you commit to this action.

2. Doubt of whether you have what it takes to do what you truly want

It closely resembles the Impostor Syndrome. Which means that either you are unsure that you can succeed or you doubt your achievements in the past. No matter how talented, skilled, or accomplished you are; if you doubt yourself then you have already lost it.


The solution is to develop a mantra. For instance, “I am really good at being me” or something like “Today is a big step closer to living the life I want.” These serve as positive affirmations that we have what it takes. These will inspire and encourage you and they will help in feeding your conscious and subconscious minds. These help us in getting what we are trying to achieve.

3. Doubt that the closest people in your life will understand and support you

Most of us are afraid to speak our biggest dreams to some of the closest people to us. It is mainly due to fear but it is also due to doubt that we will neither be accepted or understood by those who love us the most.


You need to overcome yourself and show vulnerability around those who matter the most to you. When you open up and show courage then it peels back the doubt which is clouding your mind. It will help you in finding more love and greater acceptance. You need to believe in what you are doing so that you can give it everything you got, every day for the rest of your life.

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