Our goal is to connect you with similar local businesses that are willing to send you any referrals that they may have.

Please respond and let us know what type of health business you would be willing to trust and connect with.

As an example, if you’re a Personal Trainer a good referral connection for you would be a local Chiropractor.

Once trust is built, both businesses will benefit by creating a referral network between each other.

So again please let us know what type of businesses you would like us to link you with on our Referral Network.

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  1. Good Morning. I am a Chiropractic Physician. My clinic is located in The Villages. I would be interested in affiliating with Gyms and any individuals interested in weight loss and nutrition, Attorneys that want their PI cases handled correctly and Massage Therapists.

  2. Thanks for staying on top of the program – Our business is a network marketing concept and we specialize in health and wellness products. Our target audience would most likely be personal trainers, coaches, fitness center owners/managers, and anyone interested in a home-based business

    1. Gyms, Attorneys, People with weight issues, Diabetes issues

  3. Yogis, Massage Therapist, any business helping and serving others towards better health, any business helping and serving others towards peace, contentment, joy and balance.

  4. Hi
    I am a Chiropractor in the Miami Kendall area. I would be interested in creating a business referral relationship with Personal trainers, Gyms, massage therapist, Medical doctors, Attorneys and or any person in the wellness community.
    Dr. Cortes.

  5. Martone Fuller, owner and trainer of Fuller Fitness in Rochester, NY

    I would love referrals from chiropractors, salons, nutritionist, sports coaches. Individuals interested in improving their balance, strength, power and confidence.

  6. Would love to get referrals from those interested in strength and conditioning, sports rehab, weightlifting (Olympic). We’re in the Fort Lauderdale area.

  7. We are based in moonee ponds, in the northern suburbs of melbourne australia. Would love referrals from osteos,chiros and gp’s

  8. I am a Health Coach, who also represents a top of the line group of wellness products via a network marketing format. I would like to connect with Chiropractors, Spas that do not offer Health components, Fitness Professionals, Massage therapists, Gyms, those looking for home based business opportunity, those interested in weight loss and/or gain, and looking to simplify a way to improve overall health. I would also like to connect with insurance professionals looking for ways to help the companies they work with fulfill or meet the wellness component benefit on their corporate policies.
    I set up my page also, but don’t know if it is submitted.

  9. I am a Psychologist practicing positive Psychology.

  10. Hello! I provide both one-on-one and small group consulting services focused on the optimization of nutrition, supplementation, training and mindset as it applies to health, career and overall lifestyle improvement.

    I believe that only when these key factors are in alignment that we can truly reach our own personal best. I work to integrate the most current information in the realm of health and wellness into a clear and measurable “plan of attack” to help you move from wherever you may be currently, toward your ultimate end goals.

    Often finding a clear path from where you are currently to your ultimate end goal can feel nearly impossible. You know what you want to accomplish; however every time you begin to work toward that goal you find that something new gets in your way. This is where individualized coaching can fill a key role.

    I would love to connect further with individuals/groups in search of coaching as well as other practitioners who may have clients interested in a referral for these services. My page should be up shortly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at all!

  11. I am a Chiropractor. My office is located in Ocean City, New Jersey. I would be interested in affiliating with Gyms and any individuals interested in weight loss and nutrition, Attorneys that want their PI cases handled correctly and Massage Therapists, trainers, fitness owners, yoga

  12. Hi ,
    I am a Fitness Coach wit the USA Amateur Boxing Association hear in Columbus, Ms. If anyone is in need of a second opinion of your health, especially if you been giving up on by Doctors & love ones. There’s help for you. Also if you have joint problems, weight issues, or eating habits. Lastly, if you know anyone who want to learn the fundamentals in boxing for competition or ranking or exercises. I’ll await your response.

  13. Zachary Bennett: Certified Fitness Trainer/Specialist in Strength and Conditioning

    I am the owner of Crossroads Fitness and operate my business out of a local gym in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I would like to connect with any individual wanting to:

    -Lose Weight
    -Gain Muscle
    -Reach or maintain a level of General Fitness/Health
    -Engage in Health Coaching, (from my certified Health Coach/Health Education Specialist, Melanie)
    -Engage in Sports-Specific Training/Conditioning
    -Engage in Online Coaching
    -Have a customized program written for their upcoming regimen

  14. Do you have dreams & goals? Are they BIG ones? Have you written them down? Are you moving towards them, or are they just sitting there? I can help you reach them! Working with Bob Proctor (of The Secret) and Sandy Gallagher, I offer a unique step-by-step 12 week course to show you the way to your dreams!!! My background is in Medical and also Holistic health care, but this program is designed for ANYONE who is tired of the same old thing & would like to catapult their life forward! Contact me for a NO COST consultation!

    1. Also, I am in Western Colorado, but can easily work with anyone anywhere in the world!

    2. Sure, contact me as soon as you can.

      1. Hi Charles, what prompted you to contact me? What kind of work do you do?

  15. Hi, we are a wellness clinic in Toronto ON, Canada. Would be interested in partnering with local gyms, psychologists, psychotherapists, medical doctors, specialists, and fertility clinics.

  16. I am an integrative nutrition health coach and would like to partner with local gyms, spas, physicians and specialists (Autoimmune disorders, food allergies, gastroenterology, diabetes), chiropractors and yoga studios. I’m also a corporate wellness specialist and would like to connect with anyone in HR who is involved with corporate wellness programs or providers who are administering those programs.

  17. I am a nutritional health coach and cardio drumming instructor in Lansing, Michigan. I am looking to partner with local gyms, physical trainers, physicians and chiropractors in the greater Lansing, Michigan area. I offer: wellness profiles and body composition analysis; nutrition classes and coaching; world-class top nutritional products for both inner and outer nutrition; totally customizable sports nutrition which is third-party tested by and certified by NSF. I also offer cardio drumming classes. Cardio drumming is a very fun way to exercise, and is adaptable to most fitness levels. People with bad knees can cardio drum in a chair.

  18. I am a personal trainer in Tampa with 28 years of experience. I work with all types of clients: ones that need post-rehab and have been referred by doctors, clients with various medical concerns such as Parkinson’s, Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular issues, and more. I work with clients who are interested in getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle.

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